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    Read & Play vs. Read to Me Books

      I updated my NC to 1.2.0 and am wondering if there is supposed to be any difference to the "Go Dog Go" book by P.D. Eastman.  In my previous version, it was a NookKids Read to Me book.  The new update promos now show that the book should be a NookKids Read & Play book.  Do I have to redownload the book to see the new content?  I'm confused as to how to get the new version on my library since I've already purchased it.

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          That title now no longer appear under the "Read to Me" category.  It used to be $9.99 and is now $13.99 as a "Read and Play" book.


          The Read & Play books are suppose to contain animation and interactive play.  I believe it uses Flash.  These seem to be games under the disguise of books. 


          BN finally released Jamberry, which was originally featured in their video ads when Nook Color was launched but was not available until now (after the recent 1.2 firmware update).  But at $14.99, that's one expensive digital book.