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    Firmware update for Touch Screen issue



      I got my nook color for 2 days every thing is fine but touch screen is very unstable as this problem is faced by many people can you guys please provide a fix for it soon.


      Rather than releasing big update ones in a while we will be happy to get frequent small updates.



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          is it only when charging or all the time? 

          If it is only with the charger, PM Michael-V. He will take care of you. 

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            If it is happening all the time, definitely take it back for a new one. that is not normal what so ever.


            PMing Michael V is not a secret. If it happens with the charger only (like mine was), the AC adapter is what they have found to be the issue. If you PM him, he will gather your shipping data and BN.com account info and mail you a new one at no charge. 

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              I've made some observations regarding the  TouchScreen "Freakng Out". 


              1.  Freaking out while charging is somewhat expected and probably has to due with a grounding issue.  Since the Touchscreen is capacitive and not pressure sensitive the User and device must be properly grounded.  When a user is holding the device they are both grounded.  When the device is plugged in the ground loop becomes much different.


              2.  I've also noticed that my device needs time to warm up.  If the device is on the table and the room is a cool 65 degrees, once the device powers on i notice the touch screen feels 'wet' as if there is condensation on it.  There really isn't any condensation it is just the temperature difference between the cold glass and my warm hands.  The interaction of the two seem to leave small 'wet' spots where I touched it. 


              Cleaning the display and giving it time to 'warm up' seem to help.  but it is very frustrating and dangerous.     I"ve had the device delete email messages while web browsing and almost make book purchases I did not want.   I am going to try a screen protector to see if that creates some insulation "Fingers crossed"