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    Why kids books are taking so darn long!

      We want to publish as soon as possible.  We have many assets created (individual for reuse) and not compiled pictures.


      So since I and many others have tons of enhanced kids books materials awaiting publication... why aren't they here?


      The answer is simple.  The SDK does not include any features at all for publishing books of any sort.  It's simply a dev kit to create a calculator, a dayplanner or another version of AngryBirds.


      All apps.  (Don't get us wrong, all those enhanced books are apps too!, but unless you are a special partner, you don't get access to them just yet.)


      B&N is currently reviewing 'how best to release these internal api's to create things like... erm... BOOKS, read-to-me and alivetouch. 


      Well, I can give you all a good idea how to best release them.  Free and NOW! 


      Let us start developing with them even if we can't publish just yet.


      It's a horrible situation you've put us in, not knowing when the SDK for actual book publishers will be available.  I've simply resorted to creating art that can be highly customized. I know clearly what I want to do but have zero parameters to even frame that in.


      While we can do everything we mentioned in the other thread (that's all contingent on the full book publishers' SDK release becoming available (and there is no timeline).


      I rather expect that the appstore will launch without enhanced bookpublishers being included.


      And while I have many pictures, audio recordings and ideas well laid out, two weeks is not nearly enough time to fully test one idea, let alone multiple books.


      I'm a bit disappointed as they've kept these inside API's for their use only.. and those corporate partners. 


      And the independent publishers get shunned.  But at least we always have the Candy Mountain.. eh Charlie?


      There is zero word on when these API's that we need will be available to the commoners.


      What that really means is that they are restricting your content options.  Such a shame.


      Somehow it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  Instead of promoting kids' books, they seem to be actively preventing them.. well, except for the ones selling at $10-$15.


      You can do the math versus independents who plan on offering very similar content at $5.






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          Interesting insight into the business end of publishing.  BN released the NC to get the product out into hands of the masses yet don't have the mechanism to fully support the device.  All this push of things that could be done with the NC but the selection of children's picture books are weak. 


          Where are the vapor titles like Jamberry and those enhanced nookbooks?