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    New Nook Owner..Totally addicted

      I am thrilled to be a new nook owner.   A complete plus was finding this message board and all the helpful tips, especially on the "free" eBooks, compliments of Doug. 

      As a novice to the nook world it is especially welcoming to find a place to answer the little things and have great recommendations for reading.


      I just want to say thanks to Doug, and all the contributors here.  I can see how addicting this "nook" will be for me, but such a blessing for my reading habit!



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          Well, now you're messing up the general scheme that everyone's first post must be "NOOK sucks" or "NOOKcolor sucks" or "B&N sucks" or... well, you get the idea. :smileywink:


          Seriously, though, it's great to hear from a happy new NOOK owner. Welcome to the NOOK forums, and I hope your NOOK experience will be as nice as mine has been.



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            IslandAway, you're not alone.  The Nook is addicting.

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              I've had mine about 8 months now and I'm even more in love with it! BTW, Doug has a $5.00 sale list that is pretty awesome too.

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                I've had mine for close to a year and I've bought several as gifts not to mention the numbers I've sold to other people while gushing about my newest love. Honestly couldn't be happier with my purchase and everyone I've recommended the Nook to couldn't be happier with theirs either. Welcome to the club we should have a button or pin showing how long we've had our addiction. Happy reading. Watch Doug close he puts up some amazing stuff!


                C -

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                    Got my nook last Tuesday and TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! Before it arrived,  I spent some time on the tour, this area and really appreciated Doug's tips. Those were all big helps so I could get up and functioning the first day! I also got the Easel and that has been terrific too. Love the protection it gives and the flexibility to read hand-free or hand-held.

                     I do want to plug the pre-owned option w/ wi-fi &3G. I wasn't sure what it would be like but was

                  very pleased with it. I couldn't tell it from a brand new one! 

                     So, thank you, thank you B&N - I have already enjoyed several books and many shorts.... and am looking forward to many, many more!

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                      I, too, would like to join the LOVE MY NOOK club. I've had mine since July and have had no problems with it. My biggest regret is not getting it sooner. I had a Sony ereader first (Nook wasn't available yet) and had to wait until it broke before I could justify buying a new ereader. Also, the price had just come down to $149 for WiFi model when my Sony broke. I could have gotten a refurb Sony for $50, but the Nook had been calling my name for the last several months and I could resist no longer. I'm so happy with my Nook that I've gotten half a dozen relatives to buy one and now we can all share books. I no longer feel so isolated from everyone (I live in TN and they all live in MI). My Nook has brought me many hours of enjoyment and I'll never be without one again - I AM AN ADDICT!!!

                        • Does your Nook have a name????

                           Since the nook was "calling your name" have you yet  "named" your Nook???  :smileyhappy:


                          I received my precious nook as a gift and am still learning the ins and outs.   It makes the


                          adventure  that much sweeter !!!  


                          I prefer small purses...and this one slides in easily to my organizer baggalini bag. 


                          So much fun... so much to like about the Nook.  So we are officially in The I Love My NOOK


                          Club!   YES

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                        I am joining the "I love my Nook" Club!  I have had mine for about 6 weeks and have nothing but good things to say about it.  The only "problems" I have had with it are of my own doing...and not knowing how to do something.  I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg with it's capabilities and am going to be attending Nook Class.  LOVE IT!

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                          Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your new healthy addiction!

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                            I just purchased my nook color last Monday and I absolutely love it so far!  I have been second guessing myself some since I was not a previous "book buyer".  I typically got all books from the library so I was concerned I may not want to pay for e-books and end up not using it as much.  However, I'm happy to have enjoyed my first free e-book and I successfully downloaded and am reading one from my public library's overdrive system.  So far I'm happy with my purchase! :smileyhappy:

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                              As another new Nook owner ( 4 weeks), I am also completely satisfied with the Nook and the ebook reading experience. I really don't want to try to read a novel as a DTB anymore. I have had zero issues with my CPO Nook and couldn't be happier. It functions perfectly.


                              I've read about six books so far and still have about 40 more waiting to be read. I think I bought my membership to the Philadelphia Free Library too soon as I have no need with all the great free, $1.99 and $5 books offers I couldn't refuse.


                              My only problem so far is trying to remember to take it everywhere I go to grab those 10 or 15 minute stretches of perfect reading time while I'm waiting for something else.


                              Count me as a happy camper and thanks to this forum and B&N for a great product.

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                                I agree. I bought one for myself just a few weeks back and I love it too. I have over 140 books downloaded and I am loving every min of it. There has always been a running joke in out family that when I pack for a trip I have to have a second suitcase just for my books. Well I guess those days are over now that I have a Nook. It is great for roadtrips when I want more than one book to filp through from time to time.