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    Customized Kids Books - Suggestions wanted

      Theriot plans on offering customized ebooks like "The Big Book About Me"(think 'my favorite color is red' and 'my favorite sweet is ice-cream")


      While we are loathe to spill our ideas just yet, we also want feedback on this. 


      Most books, depending on customization, which can range from basic text and pics to full on customization down to the kid's favorite tshirt and tv character.  We are looking at a price point of $20-$50 to start with.


      We have also partnered recently with Animoto.com to provide video montages which are simply amazing.. and will be included with each ebook for the new NOOKcolor.  View some sample video here and imagine your child (or you) in them!


      How do you feel about this price point?


      What would you pay for a book that is listed as authored by your child and customized to them?  (your child is the author!!! how cool is that?  Show and Tell will never get better!)


      While we are working on this project, we now seek feedback from potential purchasers who can tell us what they actually want in something like the 'big book about me'!


      We are initially thinking of 5 pictures and 20-25 pages of 'facts' about the child. All pages would have graphics


      Due to pricing constraints, the customization fee would be paid on the main theriot site (visa,mastercard etc) and then the book would be availalble for 99 cents on the main B&N site within 1-2 weeks and the book would be available in perpetuity as long as B&N operates. 


      We think this is a very novel and unique way to explore the new NOOKcolor options. 


      We also plan to offer anthologies... where anybody (kids only, with parents permission) can submit a 'novel' to us.  We would then publish that anthology and reap profits from it but again, you child is now published. 


      We are very much aiming at the custom publishing division and would certainly entertain other publishing options for consumers.


      So tell us what you want and what would make you happy to buy.


      Other upcoming ideas are valentine's day (sorry, not for this year) and xmas video cards. perhaps in conjunction with a story.


      Speak now or forever hold the pieces of your nook.  We aim to be very user responsive and do what the user wants (within limits of course).


      Tell us what you want or would like.












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          This is an awesome idea.  I will have to give your questions some thought and get back to you.  :smileyhappy:  The only thing that comes to mind right now is that I would love a personalized book about family relationships--grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., with the ability to add pictures of family members.


          I can't comment on the price point without seeing a product sample.  However, I am always willing to pay for quality.


          Will these ebooks have read to me options?  If so, I would really like to have the ability for a child to tap a single word or a whole passage for reading, instead of just the whole passage.

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            ideally, we want to offer template apps that can be downloaded and customized by the user.  Our skill is not yet there in that regard (and won't support just yet having a blonde versus a brunette, but eventually it is possible though you'd have to download all the character versions which can make a big download).


            Read to me is very viable and something we want to include... and we also want to include custom recorded messages.. so if you can record it and upload it, we can include it.  A message from grandma?  No problem.. if you can upload it.


            Tapping a single word for reading is possible, but a nightmare in coding.  It's something no sane person would undergo.


            Our biggest selling point is that it is custom, that you can download it from B&N directly and don't have to sideload it.  (while many here are comfy with that, most aren't for the average user)  We are considering an option to download direct but feel that is superfulous.  While it might cost an extra buck, it's permanent online and serves as additional advertising and if 5 people in your family buy it, it's more profit.


            Want to publish an original book with pictures from your child?  We can do that too. 


            We'd welcome any ideas whatsoever... you want it, we can probably do it.  We intend to have a large collection.. eventually, of scrapbook type books available, and while we will have some standardized templates available, we expect many more templates to be created on the fly.


            For example, a blond girl with pigtails.  We can change the basic template to reflect that (and store for future use, but probably won't launch with more than one basic boy and one basic girl.


            Then add in all the holidays (valentines day and xmas of note) and we have a party going on.


            Add in the animoto videos included free with any purchase and BAM!


            This is all pie in the sky ideas, well, except for the 'Big book about me".  That's what we will be focusing on first.  But we intend to be the custom ebook publisher of choice.  Weddings and newborn baby books are high on the list.


            As we get closer to appstore launch (and these are all apps as are all kids books really), we will solicit a few users for freebooks to demo as samples.  From that our final price point will be set once we have realistic time investment... but it's gonna take 1-2 hours per custom book at minimum so pricing probably will be at a premium.


            oh, nallia, we are definitely aiming for the scrapbook feel for a good portion of these customized products.


            So, your idea of a family tree is very possible... and likely.  It's just not on the priority list just yet.