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    ActiveTouch a lie.  SDK not for newbies.

      I actually was hoping for a drag'n'drop type interface but instead I get a virtually incomprehensible blather of the full sdk which i don't want and which won't install, because i'm missing some comonent that it won't tell me which i'm missing.


      I am more than ready to churn out kids books, adventures and educational materials, but a brief glance at the sdk makes it damn near impossible as i don't understand most hte terms used.


      And I do consider myself tech savvy. 


      I very much want a walkthru to create a basic book as pictured in the free ebooks.


      writers are not developers and you shouldn't treat them as such.  Please give example and tempates to follow.


      I just want to create a simple book like the free ones displayed and I have zero idea how to do that.


      I expected an SDK to contain an app for that... but B&N has completely failed in not providing an example for creators to follow. 


      Your customer base has much to offer but if you don't support them in how to technoligically do this (create kids books akin to the free version) the kids market will be a bust.


      ActiveTouch is a lie.  There is no app for that.  It's all secret material and design programming unavailable to newbs. 


      I am disappointed extremely that I feel left out of this process as it's not easily accessible to authors and artists and damn near requires an advanced degree in programming to create a simple kids book.


      Bad on you B&N!