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      So my nookcolor shipped yesterday and is set for delivery tomorrow so I was wondering when the nook kids books would be available (the ones with the enhanced content).  I was hoping to download some books for my kids tomorrow but so it doesn't look like the ones designed for the nookcolor are available yet - any idea when we can get them?

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          Richard Scarry's "Colors" and Rudyard Kipling's classic tale "The Elephant's Child" are available FREE with every NOOKcolor and will dowload automatically the first time you connect.


          Other books will be available in the NOOKcolor's shop when you get the device.  If you go to "Shop", then click on "Browse", you'll see a list for the Kids Picture Books. 

          The website will offer the Kids Picture Books later this week (not sure of the timing.




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            I have a regular nook and I am a kid. I like reading the regular books. After reading the nook color kids books I thought they might distract me from the purpose of the nook. To read!