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    NookColor and purchasing on device for kids

      I am considering getting my 10 yr old a Nookcolor for Christmas. However, my major concern is that he will go nuts searching and purchasing ebooks on my CC. Does BN have any measures/parental controls to prevent such behavior if the kid is the owner of the Nook?


      Am I still required to provide a CC if I have a gift card with a sufficient amount to cover the purchase? Ideally, I would like to save a gift card to my child's Nook account and keep refilling it to prevent throwing my own finances out of whack!


      Help please!

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          NOOKcolor provides a way of requiring a password in order to complete a purchase.  This may work for you.  It requires that the password for the bn.com account be entered for every purchase.


          Go to Settings | Shop and then check the box for "Require Password for Purchases".


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            Yes, you do have to have a cc on file to purchase ebooks from BN.  That's how they generate encryption (the cc number does not stay in the file, but as I understand it the encryption system generates a key based on your cc number).  I am considering a nook for my 10-yo as well, and have read a lot on these boards about different approaches to the purchasing concern.  The password requirement sounds like a good step -- I hope it comes in the v1.5 update for the nook classic.  I have also read that some people get their kid a debit card (or a prepaid credit card) to limit the potential liability.  I understand that BN only accepts certain types of cards, so I need to look into this further, but I am considering it for my son.  There are some fees associated with these cards, but they may be worth it.


            You should check out some of the threads in the main nook/nc board that discuss this issue (which really is not related to the BN NookKids program).  Perhaps a mod will move this thread so you get more helpful replies..

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              I bought a nook (and then immediately upgraded to the nookcolor) to encourage my 9-yo's excitement for books.  however, i am concerned that there are no parental controls for the internet.  I want to encourage my kids to use the nook, and we have discussed internet use with the kids; however, there should be controls on the nook so that we can help protect them.  When will parental controls be available?

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                Has anyone found a better approach to this concern?  We tried the prepaid visa and it would not accept it.  Called help desk and they said it is not possbile to use one.  The password is the same as the one for the bn.com account.  She paid for the device, I don't mind if she browses, etc. within her account. I just want to restrict the final purchase.  Really don't like putting my credit card on the account.