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    NIV Study Bible Nookbook and app

      For those who have both (either real book and app or both nookbook and app), I have a couple questions. Does the app have all the stuff the Nookbook has in it? Which is faster to switch between books and chapters for keeping up in small groups/sermons? Does it have a dark/night mode?


      I tried the book in store today on one of the display nooks and found it OK to use, slow but is becuase it's big. I didn't get a chance to really try the app since the Study Notes would have taken a long time to download. I know I want the study version for the extra stuff it has (not maps, but  the geographic info and study notes)



      So overall which would you reconmend getting?

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          I have the NIV Study Bible App.  It is fast enough that I can look up all the verses our study leader calls out before anyone else.  The verse history feature allows me to key in all the verse numbers then go back and look at them.  Also, I have he ESV Bible and if I want to read that version the App lets me switch to it and it opens to the same verse I was reading in the NIV Bible.  In general I can say that items that show on the Nook as books are slower than those that show as Apps.  Also, if you stay in the Tecarta family of Bibles they will all integrate with the NIV Study Bible

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            I have the Tecarta KJV Bible which is a free app.  With Wi-Fi, it allows you to stream many versions of the Bible including the NIV.  It also has the Matthew Henry Commentary. In landscape mode, you can display two different versions side by side for comparison and easy reference.  It is really impresive for a free app and you might want to give it a try.

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              I finally downloaded this app. It's pretty nifty! I also have the print copy of the NIV study bible and the Olive Tree app with the NIV bible (not the study version). If it helps, here's some observations. NIV Study Bible App: it is pretty zippy. Everything opens quickly and there's an icon on the right side to open notes and resources from wherever you are. But if you scroll down the screen in study notes and return to the text, it doesn't hold your spot. There also doesn't appear to be a way to display the text and notes at the same time. You can access everything offline, but there's a lot of stuff (including a :7+ minute video about Gallilee, which is nifty) so it took darn near an hour to download the data. Olive Tree: it's really nice that it's tied to their account rather than BN because you can access the dowloads across platforms. The app lets you use split screens and can customize what is in each, so you can run, say, NIV and KJV at the same time, or run a reference in the other screen. I assume, then, that you can pull up the study notes in a screen to scroll along the NIV text. The plain NIV is usually about $10 through Olive Tree, you can buy the study notes pack separately, I think it's still $15. Since I have the NIV on the Olive Tree app, I should have just gone for the study notes add-on. But the Tecarta app is nice in that it's not as cluttered with all of the extra functions of Olive Tree and it is pretty quick to open and respond. Hope that helps!