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    Mystery "Other" Files taking up Space on my NOOK HD

      I've been poking about the net for the better part of an hour trying to find some solution to this where the problem doesn't stem from an SD card issue, but I haven't had any luck. Hopefully posting this here will get me some information.


      I've recently been getting complaints of low storage space on my device. While I do have a habit of keeping a great deal of high fidelity music and large podcast files on my NOOK, I do delete older files on a regular basis, so there would not be any build up over time. I checked the device storage information and it reports that 9.8 GB of storage space is being taken up by "Other" files, and that I have to manually remove these by connect my NOOK to my computer.


      Even after sorting through all of the haphazardly arrayed folders on my NOOK, I still can track down enough data to equal out to 9.8 GB and nothing I remove seems to effect the number in any case.


      Is there any sort of firmware update or workaround I need to apply to fix this, or do I just have to bite the bullet and reset the device?


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          Have you tried an application like Clean Master available from the Google Play Store?  You should be sure you have a backup of sideloaded files to make sure it doesn't delete anything you want to keep.  You may also want to look at a file explorer app like Open Explrorer from the B&N store or others from GoPS that allow you to look at and manipulate files on the device without connecting to a computer.

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              iI had about 20,000 files connected to the Zinio app I use to get free magazines from the library. Clean Master did not touch them. I emailed Zinio tech support & asked them if I could delete them & they said I could. I got rid of them but I can see it is something you need to stay on top of. I read a couple of magazines last night & I already have 1700 new files. I think they must be generated when you download a magazine because they have page numbers, although you can't open them individually.

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                  I'm having a horrible time with these mystery "other" files. I have a 32gig Nook HD and a week ago, 19.something GIGS of memory were taken up by "other". Last night it was up to 21.59- and now this morning it's up to 22.41. It's out of hand and out of control. I need to know what these "other" files are. I have not side loaded anything nor added any kind of files other than books, apps and magazines (all accounted for in different sections of storage - and all right now in the cloud due to this situation)


                  I have set my internet browser options to not preload pages or to keep cookies. I have browsed all of one or two websites in total but yet I can't help but feel it's connected to that somehow.


                  I tried to find the files using open explorer and through my computer over the weekend, no luck.


                  I contacted Nook support and they recommended reregistering my nook (their solution for everything it seems.) That was whent the "other" was at 19 Gigs. Who's to say that if I did that, that three days later it wouldn't be up another gig a day?


                  I need help and suggestions because I'm really feeling like this is unacceptable and really wish I had gone with a kindle at this point.

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                      So recently (accidently!) reset my HD+ a few weeks ago. Since the initial novelty is over, am being a little more judicious in what I choose to install this go around.Can offer a couple of observations. 


                      1) You didnt mention catalogs. Have you downloaded any of these? When you go thru Settings to view Storage Management, these seem to be falling under "Other." And some of those files are HUGE! Recently downloaded 3; one was 78mb, next 83mb, and the Dec Pottery Barn was a whopping 175mg. 

                      2) What browser are you using? Dolphin will allow you to clear yoyr cache and history as you exit (so you dont accumulate a bunch of garbage.) See if whatever browser you are using will let you do something similar.

                      3) Depending on what apps you have installed, they can install extra files. The one that comes to mind is Zinio - other users have mentioned that it seems to install a lot of extra files. Do any of the apps you use have the ability to auto update or an option for offline viewing or anything like that? Podcasts? Without knowing what apps you have installed, that's what I would look for. 


                      Hope that helps.

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                        The other thing you could try to figure out if its an app is this. 


                        Go to Settings, then Applications, then MyApps. You'll get a list of what is installed on your device. Methodically check each app. Each app should say Storage (its up towards the top.) It will have a total, then the size of the App, Usb storage, data, sd card.  I think you are looking for apps that have large DATA. (Its the 4th line down.) That might be the best way to figure out what app is causing the problem. 

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                    Glad I found this thread!  Question...does removing a catalog or magazine to the Nook Cloud remove if from the internal storage?  Finding my HD is running slower than usual so trying to keep up on getting old catalogs and mags off the storage, see if that helps.  I don't really have many apps downloaded and have never used Zinio.