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    Community 2.0

    Alex Garcia

      Hello all,


      I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for your continued participation in this NOOK Community. It is much appreciated, and in 2014 - I hope to provide an even richer experience for you. This year we're going to break ground with new features, as well as freshening up others. To that end we'll see the following:


      • New Mods
      • Updated ranks
      • A forum refresh
      • Video Spotlights
      • BN Q&A's
      • Community Spotlights

      Overall, we are not going to reinvent the wheel. However, as many of you have come to know, we can definitely do a better job of participation within these forums - myself included. Today, marks the beginning of that change. I would like to introduce you all to our newest team member, Ivan.


      Ivan comes to us with a background in video &photography. Currently, he oversees production of internal/external videos for our support staff and I look forward to having him onboard. Please join me in welcoming him to our Community here.


      I look forward to another great year!


      - Alex