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    Forced to Windows 8 by B&N/MS?


      So, I had to rebuild my PC and went to download my nook client (nook for PC).  Nowhere to be found, but I was point to nook for Windows8.  This linked me to the MS Store - which politely told me:  "You must be running Windows 8.1"

      So, let me understand - I have to go out and purchase Windows 8.1, install it, in order to download the client for my PC?  What kind of crap is this?  B&N takes away the client and support for nook for PC, get's infused with MS money and now forces a quid pro quo?

      Its no wonder Amazon is kicking B&N's butt all over the place with policies like this.  It is my absolute intention to de-DRM all my purchased 275 books from my nGL, back them up, dump B&N for good and get an 'open-standard' reader.  I'm done.