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    NOOK for PC error 010code


      If anyone has EVER solved this one I would love to hear how. For more info:  http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/NOOK-Apps-Technical-Support-iPad/Nook-for-PC-error-1003/m-p/772158#U772158



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          Okay my last entry (typed everything up via IE9 so now installed Chrome just to type this.... come on B&N between your software and site am starting to really regregret not going Kindle rout). Have latest version of Nook for PC installed, have manually added to firewall, also set IE connections to auto discover but still errors out when attempting sign in. Device is an ExoPC Windows Slate/Tablet device running Windows 7 Ultimate edition (32 bit) with Internet Explorer 9 RC as browser. I see you are using WebKit under the hood so I figure the issue has to do with that and how it is navigating my home network (my slate is also joined to my corporate domain but I am attempting all log ins at home off of corpo network. All I want to do is be able to alo read my books on this device when traveling (we already own a Nook, and a Nook Color but I dont want to also have to pack them). Kindle app works without a hitch as does Adobe Digital Editions, and Kobo (tried all of them to see if was isolated to Nook and it is). If I am going to have to buy books twice (once on Nook and once on Kindle) then I might as well just switch platforms. I really love the Nook color but this issue has been ongoing for months with no resolution. Email to support has also gone unanswered. Can I expect a fix soon or is this a lost cause?

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            Anyone find a fix to this. Heading on a biz trip today and sure would be nice to actually have Nook working on my Windows Tablet