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    Nook Color CM10 questions

      I successfully created a bootable sd card, the color works great as a tablet.


      Couple of questions though (android newbie),


      - How do I access the internal color memory for books, etc?

      - I keep getting a message about google search function not working, any ideas on that one?



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          The internal memory is mounted as /storage/sdcard0, which is also symlinked as /mnt/emmc and /emmc for back-compatibility; similarly, the last partition on your card is /storage/sdcard1, /mnt/sdcard, and /sdcard. Some apps are better than others at finding this storage, so you may have to move some files or use Advanced Settings before some apps are useful.

          When do you get the search failure message? Are you trying to search? There may be some launcher gestures or icons that bring up that verrrrry sloooowww search function; my launcher's Google Search button takes several seconds to come up for me, even longer than the browser.