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    Why is my nook color not updating?

      I got my nook color on May 27.  I have wifi in my home through a router.  I use a Macbook.  I've downloaded the update, which saves to my desktop as nookcolor_1_2update.zip.  I don't unzip it.  I connect my nook color to my computer via USB.  I just drag and drop.  No update happens.  It goes to sleep, no update happens.  I turn it off and turn it back on, no update happens.  It's still version 1.1.0.


      I've followed all of the directions to a t and it's still not updating.


      One of the major reasons that I got the Nook was because of the new software and all of the options that come along with it.  I'm sad over the purchase now because the whole updating thing seems hopeless :smileysad:


      I've read over some of the other posts on the board and none of them helped me.


      Can anyone please help me?  I would really appreciate it.

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          I would make sure the filename of the zip file is correct.  It could be you accidentally downloaded the file twice, in which case a number is appended to the file name.  When your nook is connected to your computer you could also check to see if the zip file is on your device.  Make sure you properly eject the nook color from your mac as well before removing the usb cable.


          I assume you have registered your device?


          Other than that I can't think of anything, except maybe trying to do a factory reset. 


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            Do you have a microSD card installed?  If so remove it when you perform the update.  This is a known issue and for some reason the NC won;t perform the update with a card installed.


            Other than that I got nuthin' other than having a clerk do it for you at a B&N store if that is at all convenient.  I think I may have read somewhere on these boards that Best Buy would do an update also if that's more feasable, but you may want to call ahead.

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                Definitely yank the card.  Macs can auto-unzip files, but it sounds to me as if you are clear on that as a risk and it is not happening on yours. 


                If you don't yet have a lot of custom stuff on your NC, you can do a clean install of 1.2. 


                You would need to make a CWR disk to do so. 


                Here are my instructions on this, from http://nookworks.blogspot.com/2011/05/clean-12-install.html


                you will need:

                - a microSD card
                - a copy of the Clockwork Recovery disk image
                - a copy of the flashable 1.2 zip file.
                - a disk imaging tool such as diskimag (or use dd for mac/linux)
                - a good zip tool - I recommend 7zip.

                With the flashable 1.2 installer available, a one-step install of 1.2 can be done.

                The Clockwork Recovery disk image is available here


                Download the file that matches the size of your SD card.

                The 1.2 one-step install image is available by registering with xda-devs and going to this post:


                Leave this file zipped after you download it.

                Step 1: Make a bootable CWR disk.

                Completely unpack the CWR file you downloaded. You must use a file whose name ends in .img. as your source for making the disk. The files I am pointing to for downloading end in .tar.gz, and are essentially "double compressed."

                gz = gzip. 7Zip, an excellent cross-platform compression utility, can decompress these, leaving you with a file whose extenion is .tar

                .tar = unix tape archive. 7Zip, an excellent cross-platform compression utility, can extract files from these.

                Once you've unzipped and untarred the file, you should have an .img file an .img file (sized appropriately for your SD card. You will need at least a 256 M card, but I prefer to use larger cards so I can also store backups on them.)

                Use an imaging program (diskimag or winimage or dd for mac or linux) to make a bootable SD card by "writing" the .img file to your SD card.


                Since you're using a Mac, you'll almost certainly use dd. 


                The syntax is dd if=1.2.disk.img of=/disk/that/corresponds/to/your/sd/card


                That command will overwrite the disk you set as of.


                On a Mac, it can be confusing to be sure you're hitting the right disk.  If you are unsure about what disk to output the file to, just go to BN and have them set you up.  of can output that CWR image to a disk partition you actually needed.  It won't ask before it starts. 


                This erases all the data on that card.

                The card is analogous to a bootable disk for your PC (remember boot floppies?) The program formats the card and write a very few files to it. Those files tell the Nook Color "you can boot from me. Once booted, run Clockwork Recovery."

                After you make the disk, leave it mounted on your computer.

                Once You've Made The Disk...

                Copy in the 1.2 zip file to the CWR disk. Leave it zipped. There are two choices of firmware. One of them installs 1.2 and also installs Clockwork Recovery directly on your Nook Color. That's a super-handy addition, as it means that later you can copy zip files to your main memory, boot into recovery, and install them without hunting down a card.

                The truly stock disk is good if you want to be 100% that you are testing 1.2 as BN intended.

                Now, you unmount your CWR card from your PC.

                Power down your Nook Color, put your new disk in, and start it up.

                It will boot into Clockwork Recovery, which is controlled using the volume and power buttons to go up and down in menus (volume) or back (power.) An action is chosen using the N button on your NC.

                You can use CWR to make a full backup of your NC. Restoring this backup will put you back in time. If you have reregistered your device after you've made this backup, the device will reset after you boot, so don't reregister until you're sure you are happy.

                You also use CWR to install the 1.2 zip file you copied to your card.

                First, go to mounts and storage and format /system and /data and /cache. Do not format /boot!

                Then, go to "Install Zip from SDcard. " Use the "manually select" option and install the 1.2 file you copied onto the card.

                When it is done, power off the device and remove the card.

                Power on, and you are running 1.2!

                You can skip the "out of box experience" here to "test drive" 1.2 and be sure it can (or can't) connect to your access point.

                If you want more cowbell, you can now root your 1.2 install.