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    A Chilling Story

      In addition to my other reading preferences, I also like to read true crime stories. This is a book about a person who has fascinated me for years after seeing the HBO special about him. Richard Kuklinski, loving family man and cold-hearted mob killer all rolled into one. What has fascinated me about this man is what I stated above. He loved his wife and kids and nobody could love their family more than he loved his. He shielded them from his "job" so well that none of them had any clue that he was a contract killer. Yet he carried out hits for the mob in a completely emotionless manner. While he did his "work" his emotions ran no higher than they would if he was turning the page of a newspaper.


      If you like true crime stories and if you want to read something that will leave you sleeping with a night light turned on, this book will fill the bill.



      The Ice Man