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    Brains -- An Alternate Non-Fiction Free Friday Choice

      This looks interesting:






      Free on B&N and Amazon, $20 or more everywhere else.


      A Deeply Personal Guide to Neuroscience: Its Successes, Failures, and Future


      It may be the hardest problem in science: How do our brains really work?


      In Brains, one of the field’s leading scientists takes you on a guided tour through the recent history of neuroscience and offers a notion as to where neuroscience may well be headed next. 


      Purves offers a critical assessment of the paths that neuroscience research has taken, both their successes and their limitations, and then introduces an alternative approach for thinking about brains. Building on new research on visual perception, he shows why common ideas about brain networks can’t be right and uncovers the evolutionary drivers behind complex neural processes.


      In this deeply personal book, you’ll gain a new understanding into how brains appear to work—and how world-class scientists work, too.