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    Nook Kids for Android Tablets

      I dont think Nook App on android supports Nook Kids books. Is there a special apps like one available for iPad?


      If not then any idea is B&N is going to release one for Android users?

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          I also want Nook Kids for Android. I have a first generation Nook and an Andriod tablet. I'm not buying another device. Besides, I wouldn't let my kids handle a $500 iPad. Android devices and users are quickly taking over the market. It seems irresponsible to ignore us.

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            I recently ordered an Android tablet from Woot!, and think it would be great to be able to read Nook Kids books on the device. My almost-four-year-old is already using the tablet for matching games, letter and number apps, and viewing Oceanhouse Media books (they have a great, albeit limited, lineup of Dr. Seuss and Little Critter books, among others).


            C'mon, Barnes and Noble, let me spend more money on your products -- don't leave those of us unable to sink $500+ into an iPad in the dust.

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              I am in the same boat with everyone else.  I have a first gen e-ink nook, and an Android Tablet that my husband bought for work and then never used because his office provided some.  So now, my 5 year old keeps wanting to read a book on the tablet.  A Nook Kids App, or addition to the Nook App of Android would be wonderful.  That way we could read books together.  Seriously, BN needs to think about this.

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                Well I have a Google Nexus 7 as well as an original Nook.  It is time for them to make the Kids Book App for Android!

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                  I'm betting that everyone that has read this thread would even pay for the app. I'm thinking $4.99 to get the Nook Kids App for Android and that open a whole new revenue stream to B&N. The problem is it doesn't seem that any of the admins are reading this thread or are not allowed to comment on such an app as that would create a competitor to the Nook HD and HD+. The problem lies in the fact that in a strapped economy most of us that have devices already don't want to spend over $100 for a device just for our kids to use.


                  I beg B&N to finally release the app for android. Why give it to apple users and not android also?


                  Thank you.

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                    My thinking here is since there are so many different flavors of Android and that each Manufacturer adds its own code to the base, trying to make an app that works on every version of Android with all of that extra code and skinning would be a nightmare. Even if they were to develop it for only one manufacturer or flavor of Android it would get broken as soon as an update comes out from either Google or the Manufacturer.
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                      This is pretty ridiculous. The iPad has had the Nook Kids app for almost 2 years, yet still no Android version even though the Nook devices are Android based. I have an Asus Transformer Prime and a Nexus 7. Since B&N deems it wise to not release an Android version of Nook Kids, I have had to purchase over 40 interactive kid books from OceanHouse Media (Little Critter, Dr Seuss) and Loud Crow Interactive from the Google Play Market. That is money I would have spent on B&N had the app been available. Hopefully they wise up soon and release an Android tablet version. Until then I will keep buying kid books directly from the Google Play Market, cutting B&N out of this piece of financial pie.
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                        This is a little unacceptable.  I've got a lot of kids books, and we spent probably $20/month on them.  Our Nook broke and we're thinking of getting a different tablet, but can't afford an iPad.  I have known of other apps that are only for iPad and the specific reason is that there are too many Android tablets to accomodate.  Each different resolution requires it's own app modification. 


                        Still... this is Barnes and Noble, not some small new book company.  Maybe because Borders is gone, they can afford to be lazy.  This makes me definitely not want to buy another Nook though... i hate being forced to buy something to use something I already own.  And now I kinda feel I was tricked into buying the kids books. 


                        I'm going to check around the internet to see if there's a way around this... via rooting etc.