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    Nook HD Overheating issues?

      So, I was browsing the shop what seemed like an hour or so, mostly scrolling through movies.


      The device gets noticeably hot in the back lower half, not burning ofcourse but hot enough to notice.


      Then within some time, (still in shop), the UI (interface) goes crazy, not responding to touch, going places on its own, and when i type in the search box, it adds its own letters. I type 'P', and it types 'P,i' for example. Weird stuff.


      And yes, I've already had an exorcism done to it :smileywink:


      Anyhowzer, anyone else have an explanation ?

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          That's very strange.


          I read only one other instance of someone reporting 'hotness/heating'.


          And they didn't mention the screen going crazy.


          What happens if you just switch the screen on and off?


          Was a charger plugged in? wall charger? usb cable?





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              I have had a Nook HD+ since May 2013 and have been frustrated by overheating issues, especially when playing games.  It's not much of an issue when reading or watching movies, but any kind of game causes it to get quite warm, and more intensive games cause it to get very hot and restart, usually unexpectedly.  This is whether or not it's plugged in.  This happens every time I play more intensive games (e.g. Big Fish, G5, etc.).  Also some issues with slowing down and responsiveness, even after using an app killer, restarting, etc.  May be related.


              I'll continue reading through the responses to see if there are any solutions that I haven't tried.

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              I've noticed this too, but nothing I was alarmed about.

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                I was sitting outside yesterday and was reading my fully-charged, practically-new Nook+ HD...after about 15-20 minutes a big overheating symbol appeared on the screen and it shut down immediately.  It felt very hot at the top end where the volume buttons are.  I checked entire user guide but could only find temperature guide, top end of which is 95F. It was a nice, pleasant, sunny Florida afternoon, but in no way was it a very hot day and the sun was not very hot.  I fully charged it and was watching NetFlix last night and noticed battery charge was down to a half after watching for 90 minutes.  I will have to watch very closely in the next week or so.  I'm very disappointed in my purchase so far.

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                    nacholulu, it might be due to being in direct sunlight. I haven't heard of this before with Nook but have heard that some Kindle Fires heat up SUPER fast if kept in direct sunlight for more than 25-30 minutes.

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                      Same thing happened to me yesterday and I also live in Florida and I am on my second nook replacement (probably third when I take this back to BN.

                      I purchased my nook in November and I'm so sorry I did.

                      I had to replace it once due to magazines not uploading and tonight I'm going to BN to check out why this thing keeps overheating.

                      I'll keep you posted and please let me know what goes on with yours too.


                      I should of bought a KINDLE :-(

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                      I really regret getting a HD because of the heating problems. I've already had to exchange one because of it and now the second one is starting to get worse. 


                      Out of curiousity, how many of you out there with heating problems are left-handed? When I returned my first one, the employee mentioned that the processor is on the right hand side- right where a lefty would be holding it while typing or whatever with their left hand...>_>

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                          I had to return my HD+ because it was overheating.  I was using it inside ina chilly living room on New England, so it wasn't ambiet heat or sun!  I am right handed.  I often use it when I'm curled up in my Poang chair with it leaning against my leg.  Never used it for more than an hour and a half, maybe a tad more, at a time.  When I brought it back to the storre, I ran it for an hour beforehand so that it was quite warm when I showed it to them. They seemed genuintely surprised (and I really DO trust these people) and exchanged it on the spot.  So far, I have not had issues with the new one.  Mine heated on the lower left hand side.

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                            I am left handed and I may be making a trip to BN this weekend for my third exchange. I thought of that too since i can sit it up and watch movies but when I hold it all hell breaks loose.  I stopped using the case to because I thought that was the culprit. 

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                            Mine has been overheating alot lately, usually when I am playing a game.  Causes?  Fixes?  Thank you!

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                              Mine overheats when i do anything more than read with wifi off and brightness set to abt 30%. Deff can't read while charging. Tried that once and the metal arear of the cover got so hot it could burn you.
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                                Hi everybody, sorry for my poor english. I'm from Spain.

                                I've got a Nook hd+ whith this problem but the first days the nook was OK lately de back was getting really hot from down to top and was very dificult handle it, almost burn.


                                Since I removed the micro sd hd card (sandisk 16 gb) from the slot the problem is gone. The card is a simple card for expand memory not for running a OS.


                                I hope this tip may be usefull.


                                Cheers :smileyhappy:



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                                  I just noticed my nook hd+ getting hot also, but my screen did not go crazy as you described, mine just keeps restarting itself.
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                                      I just had the update on my HD+ and it's been doing the same thing! It gets really hot and crashes. Once it even showed the overheating sign and shut down and I was indoors with the air conditioner on. I did the online tech support chat and they had me do some stuff and that just made it worse, it w2ouldn't shut off and kpet going from the Nook screen to the home screen and back again, so I called and tech support had me do a factory reset but it didn't help. I can't play any of my games now because of this. And it's only been since the update which was sometime at the beginning of last week I believe. I don't have the problem when watching Netflix or reading, only with games. I did take it out of the case last night and so far it's only crashed on me once and it doesn't seem to get nearly as hot not being in the case. I hate to not use the case though, I dont want scratches or damage.


                                      I just got it in May and it was working perfectly this whole time until the update. I tried looking for "after update" issues but I'm not finding anything recent.

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                                      I've also noticed that my Nook will get pretty warm in the lower left corner on occasion. I really have't made a mental note as to what I was doing but I don't play games (other than Words) and I haven't gotten into watching videos just yet. This was just due to playing around on it (surfing the net, Facebook, etc.) for maybe an hour or so. I do have my screen turned up all the way but I will NOT turn it down as it helps my tired old eyes see. I fail to see why you should even have too. I don't mean to do it but I have to say, I never had these issues when I had the Kindle Fire HD. I also never had to struggle with fingerprints the way I do with this Nook. Whatever this screen is made of is NOT working. I've had this Nook HD+ for about a week and a half but other than the Google Play store and the expandable memory, I'm not seeing it excel over Kindle to much. I will however, continue to stick with it because once I make that decision, I feel compelled to give it a fair trial. Not a good first impression though.

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                                        My Nook actually get fairly warm if I just spend time going thru Facebook or Twitter posts. This is while I sit in my house with WiFi readily available. The entire left edge of the device gets very warm. I don't have any other issues but this is pretty annoying. I'm not even playing games or watching videos.  That's just nuts.

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                                          My nook.tablet also.got very warm but never shut down. I would take it out of.the case and it was ok. My refurbished nook hd+ also gets very warm. Nook has an excellent customer service department. Give them a call.
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                                            I have the same problem with the overheating.. and did the same exact thing... I turned the brightness all the way up and it was fully charged... then, it cuts off saying my battery is on critical low.. I was thinking of getting a replacement. Do I have to have a warrenty to get a replacement?

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                                              I've had this problem too and took it back to B&N and was told they have never heard of this before and did a factory restart. It worked fine for a couple of days until I got half of my apps back on it and then it started up again overheating and then zapping the battery.

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                                                  Given your phrasing... I'd suggest you archive all those apps and see if the condition stops. If it does start unarchiving one app every couple of days. When the condition recurs, you have a likely candidate. Rearchive the last restored app. Check for the condition, maybe start restoring other apps.


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                                                      I bought a Nook HD + on January 1st.. I have already returned one due to the dark screen edge problem and a sub-5 hour battery life from full charge.. I have had this second HD+ for about 6 weeks, it recently has acted strange, when viewing videos, the screen will brighten and darken a small bit (but very noticeable) and the lower left hand side casing gets very warm.. This is looking at a normal orientation of the screen.. I have already removed any apps that constantly, or periodically update.. The temperature rises when watching videos for any period of time.. I've also had constant touch problems.. It misreads touch.. Sometimes it's super sensitive and others takes a direct and heavy touch.. Most of the time when I touch an icon to launch an app, it thinks that i want to move the icon.. This is amazingly frustrating..

                                                      I'm quite disappointed with the overall experience of the interface.. and now there are hardware issues with it heating up.. If i do take it back to B&N, I fully expect a hassle as I received one exchanging my first Nook HD+ for this one.. This entire experience, between the B&N store employees and the product itself has not been a good one.. This is quite unreal..

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                                                    Can someone help me with my nook, please or give me some answers why? My nook seem to have over heated with out my knowing! I was trying to recharge it because it was low - for 2 days. It wouldn't charge. Now, it wont charge because it keeps poping up a symbol that it is over heated. What the heck is going on? Please help....

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                                                      The lower-left corner is where the WiFi chip resides.  Continuous use of WiFi will cause the area to heat up, especially with streaming video or continuous web access.