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    The game won't open

      Having seen the game in action on a friend's device, I would love to play the Ice Age Village but can't get past the 'checking required files' screen.  I've tried archiving, unarchiving, even deleting and 'rebuying' (thankfully it's free so have tried that a few times both with and without restarting the nook, even once going so far as to deregister and set it up all over again before trying again.. I don't know any longer what's driving the obsession at this point, the must solve problem, thinking I'm overlooking something ridiculously simple, or a severe misconception of the game's greatness ;p ).   If anyone has managed to get this particular game to work, just how?

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          What version of the OS are you on?


          Go to Settings > Device Information and check.


          IF you're on 1.3.0 then you need to switch to 1.4.3.


          Get it here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/Software-Updates-NOOK-Color/379003190

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            I am having the same issues, tried to resolve it the same way. From what I have read we are not alone. Gameloft & B&N should do something. Ice Age Village was such a fun game.
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              I am sorry it took over  a year to get a response, however, I have found a work-around that will allow users to run  'IAV'.  This answer may already be out on the interwebz as well, but I saw your question unanswered so I thought i 'd help. I found this thread after I Bing'd the problem myself...daughter loves game...then it stopped working same symptom described here...software never launches for there is no update to install..


              answer: I turned off the nook Wi-Fi to prevent the game on launch from hitting the updater service. I got a couple of FC's but after a couple of re-launches I was good to go. Game played. TIP: make sure it isn't running in tray prior to the 'offline' launch.


              Lemme know if this works for others. - nook hd (tested)

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