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    PubIt! Covers

      This is driving my nuts!!!!! :smileymad:


      I've successfully uploaded two novels to PubIt! and I provided a jpeg file for the cover of each. I made certain they fit the prescribed format.


      Today, it seemed to upload the file but showed "No cover available"

      Would someone please straighten me out about this?????

      {I uploaded BOTH covers successfully to Kindle with no problem whatsoever]


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          Sometimes they show up on the site even though your edit version appears to not be showing up.



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            I'm having this same problem. I have four other books on PubIt! and had no problem with the covers. But the cover of the book I uploaded yesterday appears in my dashboard titles, but not in the NookBook Store.


            Maybe they're running behind. If it's not showing in a couple of days, I'll reupload and see what happens.


            Any other suggestions?



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              I'm having the same problem.  been over 24 hours since the book appeared available in a B&N search, but still says cover not available.  I will email support.  My cover is the exact same format and size as a book I uploaded a couple weeks ago that worked - 600x900 jpeg.

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                Same problem here, as well. I uploaded my book, The Guardians of Time, and everything is fine on the "my titles" page. However, the cover image doesn't show up on the actual product page. I had no problem with the image on Amazon's Kindle platform.


                Not only that, but it's very difficult to find my book, as it only shows up in a search using the exact full title or the publisher's name. It doesn't show up in a search under the author name or under the ISBN.


                I really think B&N has to do better than that.


                Good luck everyone!


                Damian Lawrence

                The Guardians of Time

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                  Can someone help? Today I tried to upload my novel to pubit. The cover was all askew--title, my name outside the color picture and below it. The whole document is in Micro Word, the cover of the book about a full page of color with title, author inside the picture.


                  How do I get my book to look right? I'm no computer expert. Can you help?


                  Dennis in Lafayette