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    Scrabble App aNo Go...


      I was excited to see the new Scrabble app for NC because I love to play the game.  Upon reading reviews, it was clear that the only option with this game is to play people while linked to wifi.  The ability to play solo against the device would be nice, but online only is fine with me.  (Other reviewers complained.)  So I bought and got started.  Within the first hour of play, I noticed the program had some serious glitches.  Tapping commands from the menu options at the bottom of the screen prompted the device to do things other than what was tapped.  Very annoying when you have invested in a game and a glitch makes you skip a move or forfeit.  And it did random close outs of the program.  I reset the Nook three times, archived the  app and reinstalled, and it still was buggy.  Customer service wanted me to unregister my NC and then re-register it before they would authorize a refund, which seemed silly and more work than a $3 app was worth.  I said no thank you and requested to talk to the next person in line to get my refund.  Got tired of litening to on-hold music and hung up.  Called again and got a rep who was very nice but verrrry slow.  Ugh.  But she set me up for a refund.



      Anyway, just a heads up about my experience with the Scrabble app. 

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          Very happy with my scrabble app. Ok it may not be perfect it is a step in the right direction. I am having no problem with it and enjoying playing the game with my family via their other devices. as for the price I don't understand how people can complain @ $2.99 getting hours of enjoyment but I guess that's just me.

          Love my NOOK 

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            Did you try playing with wifi on?  For some reason, you have to initiate the app with wifi on about every 8 times you use the app.

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                I have downloaded scrabble and love it - but as someone mentioned - you must have wi-fi to play.  An alternative to that is to purchase Words with Family for $.99 - this is just like scrabble with just some point differenes on the tiles and is used without wi-fi.  I have done this and enjoyed playing the device.  You don't have a dictionary as you do in Scrabble - and as an alternative, it works.

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                  I have been playing Scrabble with no problems for the last 2 months but for the last 24 hours I too have had the same problem of the game not updating.  I have tried what others have suggested...archive, unarchive, reboot, etc. with no success.  And yes, my wifi was on the whole time.  


                  The only way I can get to my games is to start a new game, make my play then press the next game button.  I hate to start so many games just to play my existing games.


                  Very frustrating!  Please help!