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    Facebook on my Tablet

      Yesterday, spent one hour with tech support to fix Nexflix and Hulu problems (problems solved).  Today, another hour with tech support and another at Barnes and Noble to fix Facebook issues.  They have no idea how to fix the problem, anyone else having issues with FB on their Tablet.

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          I pretty much gave up trying to post to FB from my NT. It never seemed to display the screens correctly or go to the icon that I tapped. I hoped it would be better when I switched to Dolphin, but it still seems to have issues whether I tell it to show as a desktop or Android browser. I'm waiting for a Netflix app (If I live that long...)
          • Facebook issues on Tablet

            I am having probelms with FB on my tablet too!  I am logged in all the time and I am not able to logout. Also, the FB pages are completely frozen, no manueverability.  It is an endless loop!  Started about 1 week ago.  Any suggestions?