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    Best Nook Magazine / Best Nook Newspaper

      Which magazine have you found has the best Nook Color presentation?  And is there any newspaper that is better than the others?

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          Food and Wine is fantastic, if that is something you are interested in. I use it constantly.
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            Best magazine experience is National Geographic.  The photography really shows off the color capabilities of the device over something like the Kindle.


            I tried the 14-day trials of a few newspapers and they weren't worth the trouble.  Someone posted here recently that by subscribing to the online edition (not eBook subscription!) of USA Today, that he could download the PDF version to his device and that offered a better reading experience than what you get from the BN subscription.


            We get a 14-day free trial for both magazines and newspapers, so it's pretty easy to give them a try to see what you like.  


            I really wish that something like The Daily was available for the NC.  Even though it's only available for the iPad, I hope that it succeeds so that their format carries over to other tablets and shows news publishers how they should be delivering their content rather than just distributing scanned text.



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              I would also like The Daily. My daughter gets it on her ipad and is very pleased with it.
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                Just downloaded National Geographic for Little Kids for my 4 y.o.  The colors are amazing.  I love my Food Network magazine too.  Just wish I could print the recipes from it.  You can't open it on the PC version either. I just find the ones I want to print and go right to the website on my pc and print them.  I'm always showing coworkers a recipe or two.  Saw they have PCGamer on there, wish they had GamePro, my son was just in an article there for DePaul University where he is studying Game Development. Their game Octodad was in the student showcase. That would've been cool. Enjoy!

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                  I've gotten the 14 day trial on a couple.

                  I was really impressed with Newsweek -- with the exception of one column of trending news snippets, and the political cartoon, the ArticleView was excellent.

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                    Love National Geographic! The photos are fantastic, and Article View works beautifully for reading the text.

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                      Wired magazine just announced their availability on the Nook and I was pleasantly surprised. I had checked out O Magazine and found it didn't look so good on the Nook. The format of the print magazine is kind of square and I had to zoom on each page to get a good view of things - not very effective. But Wired really went out of their way to make the electronic version of their magazine a special experience. Each page fits perfectly. Everything is super readable. Multi-page articles are all combined on one page so no jumping around is necessary, just keep scrolling down to view the rest of the article. And best of all, some of the pages are animated with designs scrolling, twinkling and moving. It's really lovely and makes the entire experience come to life in a new way. Way to go Wired! 

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                        National Geo does indeed look good, as does American Photo.  Southern Living does well on the Nook.

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                          I've been reading People magazine on my Nook. Digital subscription was free since I'm already paying for a paper version.


                          Really love the Nook version. Very easy to read and navigate. Nice options for more detail, links in the review section to buy movies (from Amazon) and books (from Barnes and Noble). Plus links to movie trailers.


                          All in all, a very pleasant experience. I'm not going to renew my paper copy -- will switch over to digital only.

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                            For womens' magazines, I think Better Homes & Gardens and Real Simple have the best formatting for the Nook.  They are easier to navigate and some links take you into videos or alternate pics that you couldn't do with a magazine in print.