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    Tips for a new author? Formatting, number of pages, and writing tips, to be sexy or not to be sexy?

      Hello everyone,


      I am halfway through my first book "The Reluctant Bride" I don't want to give too much away but I am very happy to have started this one, do you guys have any tips on formatting or the Nook I was told that if you take the number of words you have and divide it by 250 you get your guess of pages? I doubt that is true, but I was wondering.


      This is a romance novel, and I wanted to know if you guys have any tips that you would have wished you had when you first started. The sneak peek for "The Reluctant Bride" will be out hopefully by the end of this week. 


      I am so nervous..My friend is doing the cover art for it and I hope that this does well. 


      Now, to get sexy..Or not? 


      I think that the vulgarity in 50 shades is, well off putting and I think a nice mellow medium would be liked since this is a fantasy fiction book. 


      Thank you guys!