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    Music Player App warning then shut down

      I have had a repeated issue and have returned 2 Nooks for new.  No one has given me a solution.  While playing music loaded on my microSDcard, I'll randomly get a warning box about the music player app not responding, then the Nook will shut down.  First solution was to make sure all music was a correct format.  I admit I did find some newer songs in a MPEG.4 format.  I went through the tedious process of re-formating all the songs to MP3's.  Well, it's happened again.  I love my Nook, but I'm ready to return it and go for a Kindle Fire.  Has anyone but me had this issue and what did you do? 

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          I have not experienced a problem like this on my NT.   Since it's happend on both Nooks, it's possible that one of your MP3 files is corrupt or non-standard in format.  I've seen this sort of thing on my PC.  And don't forget, the Kindle Fire does not support SD cards, so you'll be stuck with limited storage.