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    NOOK Color doesn't remember last page read

      Ever since I updated to the new software version, my NOOK often forgets which page I left off in a book and goes back to page one. This sometimes happens when I switch between books, but usually when I go on the internet and then back to reading my book. Not always, but often enough to be really annoying as I now have to always write down which page I was on....


      Does anyone else have the same problem or a fix to it???



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          I'm reading three books on my NC now, and all open to the correct page...


          Have you booted your NC, powering it completely off by pushing and holding the power button and clicking on the "power off" dialog box, waiting a minute, and then powering it back on? That has been known to fix some of these little, but highly annoying, things.

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            are your books in epub or pdf format

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              For me, this happens only with pdf books.

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                How do you manage to create multiple "correct page" reopening points for books being read in parallel? Is it through bookmarks, or is there another way to do it?

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                  I am having this same problem since updating to the new version.  I have cleared the save read list and rebooted the nook.  It is very frustrating if I go to look something up or change books, then when I come back to my original book I am back on page 1.  


                  This is the first problem that I have had in 2 years, so all in all I am happy, but sometime new & improved is broke & frustrating...

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                    Sometime's it's important to stress how to completely restart a Nookcolor; which is by holding the power button down for five full seconds until the Nookcolor prompts you to power off. A lot of times, people think pushing the power once and putting the Nook to sleep is powering it off, when in fact a full restart should be performed every couple of weeks. I'm certain that you have powered off completely, just wanted to mention that as I often find that to be the case when troubleshooting any problem with a Nook.


                    Also, I have a hunch that if you were to open the book from your library instead of with the small book icon at the bottom of your screen or the "keep reading" function at the top of the home page, it would remember where you left off. The problem seems to be coming from the shortcut to "reading now", but is not reflected in the actual ebook on Nookcolors that I have seen with this same problem. Try going into the library, opening the book from there. If it does actually remember the page, try archiving the books that are having the issue with; then restart the nook and unarchive. (You do this by pressing and holding on the title from library view and tapping "archive" then go to shelves and scroll to the bottom of the screen to a shelf marked "archived" and pressing and holding again.) This may clear up the problem until another software update is released to repair the recall funtion of your Nookcolor.


                    Note, this is not a problem with all Nookcolors; it may help you to visit your local Barnes & Noble and have their Nook expert take a look to make sure that other features are working properly. This problem could be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.


                    Good Luck!