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    Do you think barnes and noble steals?

      Cause I do.

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          Yes. Proof?



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            I think they promote the big six before the indie, but I do not think they steal.


            "Do not feed the trolls" and "DNFTT" had to look it up.

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              A self-published Nook author recently cracked the 1 million sold mark. I don't think B&N steals. I think some books sell and others don't because of content, culture, acts of God. I think some authors work harder at their craft, their cover art, and their PR than others. I think luck has a lot to do with it.
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                I am not sure, but the question above keeps coming to my mind, since someone with +1,000 titles on PubIt told me: she sometimes saw the sales extremly slow which was sort of weird.

                Maybe it is just because of Technical Dificulties which happen quite frequently?

                Anyway, it will be helpful if some PubIt member comes up with a clarification.



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                  Certainly no proof they steal but the very unusual swings in sales which stay mostly in the majorly decreased mode is suspicious for a very real problem. What that problem might be no one can say for sure at this point but it remains a great concern when everything is in place for sales to be far better than they are.

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                    I believe there is a problem, my sales has drop temendously...I think they are stealing. Pretty soo, we all might need lawyers if they keep delaying paying us. 

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                        The reporting is not 100 percent up to date all the time, but it's just reports being drawn from the real data which they (wisely) don't put out on the web. Sometimes the sales lag, and then show up later, but I don't believe for a moment that they steal.
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                          I have no reason to believe BN would do anything less than professional. I do however, wonder if there is a a delay in reporting daily sales.


                          After the recent delay in royalty payments which they attributed to the storm, I am hoping a recent drop in sales is just slow reporting. It is comforting to see others experiencing a similar issue.

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                          I bet the office staff forget to take company pens out of their pockets all the time and then bring them home. Dirty thieves.
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                            I'm fairly certain B&N steals. Or nobody owns a Nook. I had the same title selling on Amazon and B&N. Amazon royalties for that title pay my monthly bills with sales averaging between 75-100 per month. For a year now. And not ONE sale of the same book on B&N during that time period. Odd? I think so. So several times I queried the powers that be - as it were - and I'm sure “powers-that-be" is only hypothetical - and not once did I ever get a response from them. Not once. So I did a live chat sort of thing and that person promised me he would put my info on their desk directly and that I should hear back from them. And I never did. Months later I queried the live chat again. Ditto. Then I wrote to their email, after trying to get someone to give a flying - -- well, I'll keep this civil - and this time it was a scathing letter decrying their lousy author customer service - which really wasn't service at all - and threatening to write a story on it, which this post is a part of, and citing my Amazon experience as a parallel - because Amazon always promptly responds to any query I have had in the past while B&N ignores those same queries like a stuck-up rich aunt who speaks not to the lower orders. I let it rip, completely confident by now that no one will read it, let alone respond. Well, it seems they do read those e-mails after all, because suddenly, two books sold on B&N that day that I threatened them with exposure and possible knowledge of theft. And that was it. Now, since B&N, unlike Amazon, doesn't give you your royalty unless it hits the $10 mark, I chalk up those two sales as gifts to B&N - albeit reluctant gifts and completely against my will. I deleted my ms. and took the title off sale. Still, even after writing yet again telling them my concerns, the crickets drowned out any response B&N might have been trying to send to me. I doubt it though. They never cared to respond for a solid year until I threatened them with a story on my experience, and then it was curt, tart and over.

                            So - does B&N steal from their indie authors? Again, I would have to say Yes, unless no one in the world owns a Nook and all own Kindles instead.


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                              Well, they stole from me by selling my books and not paying. 'Nuff said. I'm doiong wahtever I can to let other authors know to avoid Barnes and Noble Nook at all costs.