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    Nook friend emails from B&N

      Is anyone else haveing trouble with email requests sent from B&N for nook friend requests. In the email theres a hyperlink that takes you to an area to accept the request. I've had atleast 5 or 6 requests and when I went to the link to accept and it says 0 requests. I haven't been able to accept any email requests. I have been getting requests from nookbook friends on facebook. My nookfriends app still won't send out my requests, even after the patch. Sorry for the long rant. Just checking if others are haveing the same problems.
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          Yes, many are having the same problems.  Please send a PM to SLevine, Community Manager, with specifics of your device (serial number) and the problems you are having so she can forward this info to B&N.  To the best of my knowledge this app is still in BETA and they are working on a fix.  Thanks!