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    Possible to disable auto-wake / auto-sleep?

      Hello Everyone,
      I have a Nook HD+ with a case purchased from B&N.  The problem I'm having is that every time I jostle the case at all, my Nook turns on.  When I go out and put the nook in a bag or something, I constantly hear the nook turning on and off.


      I'm aware that there's a magnet in the case that triggers this... and most cases seem to have this built in, but it's really a poor feature. The battery gets drained pointlessly.


      Having said all that, can I disable to auto wake / auto sleep feature?  I spent $40 on the case... I'd hate to just shelve it.


      Please let me know.




        • Auto sleep and cover magnets

          Can anyone help us?  The only major annoynace I have with the Nook is that the magnets in the cover don't reliably send the device into sleep mode.  Sometimes you get a half lit screen and it takes a few open and close moves to get it back to normal again.  I don't want to buy another cover (I like the thin one).  Is there any way to disable sleep mode or block the magnets?  Have I mentioned it's really annoying?!

          • Re: Possible to disable auto-wake / auto-sleep?

            Anybody find a solution to this problem?  Auto-wake/sleep is the worst.  For me, it is a constant irritant as it does not work reliably.  B&N sold me this cover - why can't it give me a quick fix?