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    Processing? How Long???

      It's been over three weeks since I uploaded my book. How do I know if a problem is holding it up? Sure would be nice to see it go up for sale.

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          Les, check your account status. If your account status shows "In Review," that will hold it up too.  I'm having trouble with that myself, and of course I have yet to hear back from my e-mails.

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            Looks like there are too many ebooks being submitted and BN is having hard time handling all of them. When I did last year they could approve almost by next day or so. The sales are going down too.


            BN is a well known book seller and now ebook publisher that everyone is rushing to them.  Hopefully they would get better with time. Amazon is setup to handle large volume and they have so many places to promote their books. Amazon have a long way to go with book forums. They can hardly handle this to attract parcipants. Good luck!

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              I have a book stuck in processing, too.  The hold up is my credit card number.  Had it stolen and forgot to change the number in my account.  Apparently anything the processing program finds that it doesn't like just stops it dead in its tracks.  I updated my account and re-uploaded the book.  Processed within 24 hours.  The old one is still processing.  I suppose that will go on until they answer my email.


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