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    Can Anyone Answer?

      Can anyone help me? I emailed B&N. One response could not answer sufficiently for me


      1. My book exists on Microsoft Word. When I download it as an e-book, will it look the same as it does when it left Word---line spacing, indented paragraphs, etc. I indented paragraphs three spaces using the space bar. Also, I used 1.5 spacing between paragraphs, although some headlines centered in text are single spaced. Will it all look the same?


      2. I'm using a color picture for the cover and enlarged it to a full Word page, 8.5 X 11, basic. Will it also appear as it left my computer?


      In short, I want my book to look like it did when it left my Microsoft Word document. Will it?


      3. B&N said that a book could not be more than 20MB. How much is this? My book is 350 pages. Does that exceed 20MB?


      Thank You for helping me.



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          You didn't say exactly what response you got from B&N but you may hear the same thing now. 


          1. We don't know enought about the way your composed your book to be able to answer your question.  There are many factors that will influence how the book appears when converted to ePub format.  For one thing, in what format was it saved?  As a Word .doc file or in HTML format?  Did you include a great deal of formatting in the text or is it only minimally formatted.


          2. See 1.


          3. Under normal circumstances, a 350 page document will not require anywhere near 20MB for storage.  That, of course, does not take into account the size of the image file you used for the cover, about which we know nothing as far as the initial resolution or file size.  Still the two combined should not be more than 20MB.


          Why not just convert the book and see how it looks?  Converting it won't destroy the original file so you can try the conversion several times until it comes out the way you want it to.

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            Also, how are you 'downloading' the book? Are you converting the book to epub format or PDF format?


            Nook does have an app to read Word documents. So if you like, you can simply copy the document to your NC and open it as a Word document itself and not worry about anything else.


            Alternately, you can convert the book to a PDF and do the same thing. PDF will at least preserve formatting. In general, if you convert a Word document to another format such as epub, there is a possibility of a slight format loss.


            It will help if you can specify what your intention is - do you want to read a Word document, publish a book, or do something else?

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                Take a look at the document's properties. This will tell you the size of the doc. Generally, pictures are what can add to the size significantly. You have nothing to lose by just seeing what it looks like by sideloading it to the NC. If you don't like the way it looks, delete it, then look into conversion to an epub preferably. To do this you may need 2 programs; Calibre and Sigil. Calibre can be used for final conversion which will make sure everything is formatted well. Sigil can be used for editing and is a wysiwyg epub editor. There are many ways you can choose to do conversion, perhaps by first converting to a pdf. You can play around until you find the combination that works for you and gives the best results.
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                  I'm sorry, but I don't understand your answer. You should know from my email that I'm trying to get my book on "The Nook."


                  What do you mean by PDF format? All I know is I have the entire book on a Word document and I'm supposed to go through all the B&N ebook steps to get it on Nook. I don't know what you mean by "open the document to your NC." What is NC? Please, I need terms that are specific that I can deal with. I'm not a computer wizzard, just a writer.