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    Number of Pages Instead of Bytes

      I know that when someone is interested in purchasing a book on the Barnes and Noble Nookbook Site that the number of pages will show for the book as well as the number of bytes, however, when I am looking for a book on my NOOKcolor, only the amount of bytes is shown when I hit the "Overview" tab.  I can't figure out what 5,447,605 bytes equates to pages.  I think it would be advantageous to plenty of readers if the number of pages could be printed even if it would mean forfeiting the amount of bytes.

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          I would love that!  Sometimes I download something just to be disappointed that it isn't a longer story.  Someone has probably created some sort of chart!  LOL

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              If there is a paper version of the book, go look at the number of pages on the paperbook.  This has been discussed extensively and since eBook pages are somewhat relative, the question becomes, what pages to do you use, the hardcover number of pages, the paperback number of pages.  You may have noticed that with most eBooks it takes 2-4 page turns to actually get to a new page number.  I'm reading a book now that the Nook tells me has 1005 pages, but it's 3 page turns for each "page", so it's 3015 "Nook" pages.

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                  It is confusing.  We writers that don't have books in print, when asked about how many pages are in our novels, can't really say.  I know that each of my novels has over 500 manuscript pages.  But manuscript pages are different.  So I have to calculate manuscript pages to print book pages and come up with a little over four hundred pages for each novel.


                  I pretty much rely on the % number, (at the bottom of the ereader) of the book I'm reading to know how much is left.  There is also the kb number on the book's page that will tell you how long a novel is.  You can compare the kb to other full length novels and get an idea of how long the book is.


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