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    Bullet - Laurel K Hamilton


      This book was released today.  A couple of interesting things I noted:


      B&N doesn't have the eBook version, although Sony, Kobo and Penguin all do.  I'm guessing it will show up in a day or two, although one has to wonder why B&N seems to be a couple of days behind on new releases.  I wonder if it is the B&N format and it takes the publisher longer get the book released.


      It doesn't show up in a search at AddAll or Inkmesh for any store.  I noticed this with Alter of Eden also, no searches found this book either.  However, both are available at most eBook stores.

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          I was at my local BN yesterday (Tuesday) and they didn't even have Bullet out in hardback yet.  I was there around 1:00 and no sign of it.

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            I was a Laurel K. Hamilton fan through Cerulean Sins, which for me was where she crossed the line that she'd steadily been approaching in the preceding books,  between "thriller with a lot of erotic content" to "erotica with a lot of thriller content".  I'm no prude, but erotica isn't my general reading, so I stepped away then.


            I did enjoy her writing, though, and Anita is a great character.  So, those of you who have stuck with her, how's she writing these days?  Enquiring minds want to know! :smileyhappy:

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                How is her writing these days......interesting you should ask lol.  I've been sticking with her for the sole reason that I've invested so much time already that I can't seem to not stop spending time on the crap :smileyhappy:



                So just for fun I'll take you through the plot of several of her recent books lol.



                Example one:  200 out of 220 pages take place in a hotel room, where Anita adds 4 more anonymous lovers to her list that she had never even met before she woke up to them in her room.  Oh yeah, and I should mention that one of them was a 17 year old boy...but he's a werelion so its ok.  Then add in about 20 pages of something pretending to be a plot and end of book.


                Example 2:  This is the latest novella that is masquarading as a novel.  Let's see, they flirt with an anonymous waiter.  Anita gets kidnapped....I was actually excited cause it looked like their might be a plot for once!! But no, she spent the whole book trying to resist sleeping with her kidnappers....which she ultimately did.  Then they threw in some zombies for about 10 pages and well that was about it. 


                So basically we've gone from lots of thrill to a little erotica, to lots of erotica with a little thriller, and finally we've landed on trashy smut that belongs in an x-rated film with some filler that they're calling thriller.


                The sad part is however, I will likely still hope it gets better lol.

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                    Thanks for the update.  I'm not surprised, but I'm really unhappy to hear it. :smileysad:


                    Guess I'll pass on Bullet, too.  At least, we'll always have Guilty Pleasures through The Killing Dance, maybe even Burnt Offerings and Blue Moon:  for my money, some of the best genre books every written by a witty new voice, before she decided to go into porn.


                    BTW, if you're looking for similar wit, sensibility and panache and a lot better artistic judgment, check out Rob Thurman's Nightlife, the start of her Cal Leandros series.  I bought it as a timekiller for a long plane trip, and have been hooked through five installments.

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                  The path the Anita Blake series has taken is sad to me.  I am not a prude and am capable of enjoying a well written erotic scene...or even book.  However, the original storyline was more enjoyable and compelling when only complimented by the occasional sexy diversion.  I never was bored with it....until it become more about just "sex" than anything else.  It doesn't even count as erotica in my opinion as it is not sexy, just "sex".    The stories were longer even examples of good writing.   I hate not to finish things but believe I am done with her stories....and I've only read through book 9 or 10.

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                    If you live in OC, CA and want to go to a Q&A with the author, they're having one tomorrow evening at the HB B&N.  You have to RSVP by COB today.  No signings, just a Q&A.