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    Shopping broken in 1.4.1?

      My "Shop" has been acting erratic since the 1.4.1 upgrade.


      • Search will often turn up "no matches" when the heading says there are many. For example, I search on "Smithsonian" and it says something like "Smithsonian (2123)" at the top of the screen, but says there are no matches.
      • When scrolling through a long list of searched items, when I get to the bottom and it goes to load more, it will sometimes jump back to the initial shopping page and I have to do the search over again.

      The "Shop" has become severely crippled since most of my searches just don't work.

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          I wasn't able to duplicate your experience using the 1.4.1 shop (but my mag reader is still broken).  Do the botched searches/scrolls occur consistently on certain search topics or does it sometimes botch most searches?



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            I am having the same issue.  When I go to browse in the shop and click a category (i.e. science fiction/fantasy) or a "see all" it will show that there are 1,800 matches but I get a message stating "Sorry there are no matches - blah blah blah".


            It seems to be fine when looking at Magazines categories and when searching for an exact title.



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              I'd have to play with it more to determine consistency. What I did experience was something like this:


              Go to the shopping page.

              Touch "apps" (to get to the apps section)

              Touch on the search text box

              Enter something like "Smithsonian" and touch "Search"

              Shows "Smithsonian (2xxx)" but also says no results found




              Go to the shopping page

              Touch "apps"

              Touch a category, like "business" (or whatever it's called, I don't have it in front of me at the moment)

              Says "no results found"!


              In other words, even if I pick some of the predefined categories, it will find nothing. Not in all cases, but in some cases.


              It just started doing this within the last week or so.


              I've tried rebooting and will probably try that again.

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                I'm having the same issues after the 1.4.1 update with the shop. Can't browse any categories or search for any individual authors in the search box. I see that you posted this was resolved but I don't get any info on the resolution when I click that link. Did you get a resolution to this issue?