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    Nook HD+ Has Performance Issues Since Software Update

      I am having a serious issue with my Nook HD+.  I've been trying to deal with it since the software update rolled out, but I'm just getting fed up.  First, I want to start with I LOVE my Nook.  Or at least, I did, before the update.  I was excited about the update when I learned what it was going to give me, but all that it's really given me is a headache.  My chrome browser is SLOW.  I mean REALLY slow.  It takes a good 2 minutes to load the bookmarks page, which isn't even a website.  Whenever I unlock the device to use it, I have to wait about 60 seconds before I can access the settings bar to adjust the brightness or screen rotation lock.  I had installed a few game apps that I uninstalled to see if it helped the situation, and it did not.  The only other apps I have are the ones that came standard with the Nook (some of which were updated by Google Play) and the Google Play apps I don't want but can't uninstall.  Does anyone know how I can solve these problems?  I mean, I almost want to go back to the original settings and just not have Google Play.  At least then my browser actually worked.

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          I just wish I could roll my Nook HD back to the way it was before the so-called "update". I loved it. I got it to replace my Nook Glow that is so pixeley and awful I could barely read on it, and I read on the tablet every day. Now I never use either and haven't bought a book for ages...from B&N. I bought a Kobo Aura HD and buy my books from Kobo. I read my Nook books on the Nook app on my iPad. I can't even be happy I got the Nook for the cheapie sale price because I bought it a couple weeks before they went on (apparently permanent) sale. This upgrade was a downgrade as far as I am concerned. I'm tired of my apps fighting with each other between Nook and Play versions, disappearing off the desktop, plus the issues you mention. I feel like my $229 was just wasted.
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            I had a similar thing happen after i downloaded some movies from vudu. During the download it hung and i switched the nook off and back on.
            After i finished the movies and went to the browser, everything slowed to a crawl. I dumped some apps figuring i had one that was running in the background slowing the nook down. Nothing. None of the apps that worked fine before would work after.
            I could not use it like that so I ended up doing a factory reset and haven't had any problems since...even with vudu.
            My only thought is that some file(s) got corrupted during the vudu download.

            I did have all my data backed up on a card so it was pretty easy to get back to where I was before.
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                Don't use Chrome, as a mobile browser it sucks. Try Dolphin, the latest version even added back flash support.

                Sadly ADB, or Android Default Browser is one of the fastest, but Google is now forcing Chrome on everyone.

                As to the issue with Google apps and Nook apps fighting over updates, if you open the Google Play Store, tap the 3 dots at the top right and tap settings, you can uncheck the automatically updat apps so that does not happen all the time, the other option, is to let it use the Play version of the app instead of the nook version, but that is up to you, as some Nook specific apps are made for HD where the play version may not be.


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                I have been living with a poor performing NOOK HD+ for several months now.   After a lot of low level monitoring I discovered that Google Maps / Location Services was causing much of the problem.   Turning off these has help alot!   To disable these go to Settings->All Settings->Applications->Maps and then choose "Force Stop".   I am loving my HD Hook again :smileyhappy: