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    Updating from SSN to TAX ID #

      Okay, I incorporated from a sole prop. to an LLC.  Trying to update the info on the pubit account page, but it won't let me change the ssn to a tax employer identification number.


      The boards say that no tax information can be changed.


      Do I have to take all my books off and start a whole new account and re-publish the books in order to do this?


      Has anyone gone through this?


      Thanks for any help.

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          Hi carenlb,


          This is a user forum. We be poor authors and itty bitty publishers who rarely attempt such drastic changes to our accounts. :smileyhappy:


          Fortunately, you're in luck! PubIt! has a contact number that can only be used for registration problems. Your situation may qualify. The telephone number is: 866-597-9863 (M-F 9-5:30 ET).


          If that doesn't work, then you'll have to persist with their email address: pubit@bn.com.


          Kind regards, David

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            Thanks David.


            I've experienced the thrill and wonder that is the pubit email and phone line before.  I was just wondering if there was some way i could do it myself.

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              The last time I tried to switch over from my personal SSN to Corp, BN told me that I had to Close my current BN account and reopen another in my business name. Once a personal account is created, it cannot be updated later to a business account which I thought was totally stupid because you can update your information at Smashwords and Amazon with no problems. So, I gave up and left it as it is. I don't want to go through the trouble of making that kind of change as I have over 20 books published, and I have no idea what that would do to my sales rank and the reviews I already have for many of my books. 


              Here's the link they gave me when they sent me the reply to an email I sent them (of course, it took them ages to reply to it). 


              Unfortunately, at this time the system does not allow for the tax
              information to be updated after an account has been accepted. Please be
              advised that this will not affect your payments from being processed.

              If you would like to open a publishing account under your business you may do so by terminating your current account and opening a new account under your company name.


              We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. 

              The PubIt! Team at Barnes & Noble


              How do I terminate my account?

              If you wish to terminate your account, please send us an email at pubit@bn.com. We will terminate your account and take your NOOK Books off sale within five business days.