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    How to download Nook books to my PC

      Apparently we don't have to worry about losing our books if we download them to our computers. So, when I open the Nook for PC app and click "download" I get an error message that downloads are unavailable. When I go to my Nook library on the BN website, I click on "download" and get an even more cryptic message that just says "oops". So, what are some of the magic secrets for downloading my Nook books when the obvious methods don't work? This is reminding me of an old fashion bank run. Is BN afraid people will start bailing on them so they've locked up our books in their system?

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          A second question, I was just able to download a few books from the website. How do I read them? I have Adobe Digital Editions, but they don't show up there. I went to the folder where the files were downloaded to, right clicked and selected open in ADE. They still won't display.

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            Let me change this into a how to, to save other people a couple hours of aggravation. First, I still don't know any secrets to download Nook books besides the download buttons. I guess you just have to keep trying it and hope you'll be able to download all your books at some point.


            As for Adobe Digital Editions, you need version 2.0, the older version doesn't update automatically. You'll need to go to the ADE site to get the current version. Then you can almost open your Nook books. You'll need to enter your user name that BN has for your default credit card (not the name on the card itself), and your entire default card number with no spaces as your unlock code. Now your book will open, but you're not done yet. It still won't automatically save to your ADE library. You'll need to go up to file, access the pull down menu, and select "copy to library", which will add a copy to your ADE library.


            What I still don't know is that if BN disappears, along with their website, apps and technology, if these copies will remain, and be readable, in ADE.