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    Curious about your Device progressions?

      Was wondering about your device progress?

      How fast? How many devices?


      Started with orginal 1st gen Nook Dec. 2009 after about 8 months sold off on craigslist not using.


      Went with the Nook Color in Nov. of 2010 and again after about 6 months sold not using. When it had the big price drop came back and bouth 2nd Nook Color Dec. 2012. Rolled my own CM7 SD card and recently rolled JellyBean 10.2.2 and still using the device.


      All 3 devices never an issue with device or cables me lucky I guess.

      But I notice that many want not need a new device every year?


      I find myself desiring new devices all the time. But after applying thought on real world use and needs.Many times the cost justification isn't there for me. And use the cash for other actual needs in my life.


      So how does your device progression play out?

      How much do you actually use the device?


      Just curious and in no way trying to take a stance on any precieved issues. Just wondering how many are still using the original 1st edition or still using a Nook Color?


      Or finally found a device that has pretty much filled their needs and been going strong last few years?




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          Let's see ....


          Summer 2011 - Bought a Nook Color because it was the only device of its kind at the time - at least the only one I was aware of. I was looking for something I could read books on, but the eink readers didn't appeal to me. A 7" tablet did.


          Thanksgiving 2011 - Bought a Nook Tablet. I'd been using a dual-boot SD card on my Color so I could read the few Kindle books on it that I had bought before I bought the device (had read those books on a laptop and my smartphone before that). When the Tablet was first released, you could trigger a menu setting on it that enabled installation of 3rd party apps on the device. Once they were installed, you could use them in the native OS instead of having to have them on a separate one. I thought it would be nice to have all my apps in one place (so to speak) so I went ahead and bought one. About a month later, that ability was disabled.


          Fall 2012 - Bought an original Kindle Fire. Had had a falling out with B&N a couple of months earlier. Amazon announced that they would be updating their Fires; and since I wasn't sure I would like the new interface, I went ahead and bought one of the originals. (I had already decided that a Fire or a Nexus 7 would probably be my next device. I was not going to buy another Nook ever again.)


          May 2013 - Bought 2 HD+s. My husband and I had been wanting tablets with a slightly larger screen for awhile so when B&N added the Google Play Store to their HDs and dropped the prices signigicantly, I decided to go for it. I treated myself to one for Mother's Day and my husband to one for Father's Day. Never say never.


          I gave the Nook Color first to my husband and then to my best friend along with my Nook Tablet. Still have the Fire and the HD+ - use both of them on a regular basis.





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            In August 2010, I got the N1E for my birthday. I saw one in person and fell in love. I did tons of research and then told my husband I wanted one for my birthday. In September 2011, I got the NST. It was another birthday gift, this time from my mom. I love that reader. I gave the N1E to the kids, and it is still in constant use by all three of them. This Mother's Day, I picked up the HD. As much as I love my NST, I also love the HD, though for different reasons. I still prefer reading novels on the NST. I use the HD for cook books, knitting books, and sometimes magazines. I really really like it for all my pdf knitting patterns. I also use it for all my email now. It's easier than turning on my laptop everytime I want to check my email or Facebook. I wouldn't have bought it if they hadn't opened it up to Google Play, though.


            I've never had any problems with any of my nooks. The N1E is very well made. It's been dropped numerous times (mostly by me) and still keeps going.