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    How long does it take..

      I have only used Pubit for publishing on B&N and never had a problem. I published my new book this weekend with Nook Press and it does not show the cover image - in spite of the fact I keep going back and adding the cover -- it says it is accepted, but if you ck later it is gone.The directions it gives for adding a cover image is EXACTLY what I did (many times) --- but they say no where how long to expect it to show up, and by the messages they send, I should be seeing it.


      I also corrected the TOC using Nook Press and I updated the edited version -- it says the new version is for sale, but when I look at the preveiw, it is still screwed up.


      How long does this take for the changes to show up?? I went through all the FAQ on Nook Press and could find nothing about this.