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    nook color: not as advertised

      All I can say is wow.


      The support, or the poor quality support I have received over the past few days is making me want to return our nook color, and tell the whole world not to get one.


      My first bad experience was just setting up an account. I got the new device, and it would not take my password. I was frustrated, tried many times. I called the store, was told call 1800THEBOOK. I did. I was told well try it using PC. Still didn’t work.  I was using a period in my password. As a computer support professional and teacher, I tell my clients to make secure passwords, using upper and lower case letters, numbers, and at least one character.


      Apparently your system does not allow characters. To me that is poor security.  Your support person didn’t know that. And when I complained about it he said, well if you read the manual I would know. By the way, I did not see it in the nook color users manual. They do say only letters and number but only on the bn.com web site.


      Frustrations number two. I asked your support person to note the whole password issue to help others. He said he cannot. I would have to go on-line and fill out the form under the customer service link. I got angry again. Do you know what the support page says? Fill out this email form OR CALL 1800THE BOOK. I JUST called 1800THEBOOK?! So it makes me feel as if your ‘support’ is not there to help, just fix enough and then push the issue off to another, don’t take ownership of the issue or complaint. Hope they don't call back or take the time to email.


      As a computer professional, I thought it would be fun to make my own book. I also had to purchase a book from else ware because you only carried the paper version.  I transferred the books to the nook color and a) the icon does not appear, and b) I could not put a book onto the home screen, as your manual indicated that I could. So I was stuck calling your support. Apparently you don’t allow items that are as you call it side loaded, to have icons or be on the home screen


      Your ‘support’ person seemed rude to me, saying only book purchased from Barns and Noble will display icons or be allowed to be on the home screens. I am angry again. According to you manual any item can be put on the home screen by clicking and holding on the item to get the menu. I was told no that’s not how it works.  Maybe if you have the ebook I would not have to go else ware, regardless, what kind of underhanded games are you playing


      Copied directly from the bn.ccom web site:


      Organize Your Home Page

      Keep all your top titles ready to read right on your home screen. Whether it's the book you're currently reading, a favorite magazine, your daily newspaper, or the picture book your child loves, just drag and drop the covers on to the home page. They'll be there waiting for you every time you reach for your NOOKcolor!


      What they fail to tell you is you can only do that with items purchased from them.


      That is horrible to me, almost bait and switch tactics. When I asked to lodge a complaint, I was told to go to the customer service web page. Yes I am angrier, I said the page said I can call this number. Her response? I can let you talk to a supervisor, but there is nothing they can do.


      Your service to me was awful. It is like you do not have a clue, or you just don’t care.

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          They provided you with the correct information.  They advised you were to go to file a written complaint.  You just didn't like their answers.


          Would you rather they tell you... oh sure, I certainly forward this information on to management... and then not do so (we did that all the time at aarp membership as policy.  Want to speak to a supervisor?  sure... but it's the person sitting right next to me who holds the same title I do and does the same job and can't do anything more than I can do either.   Want to speak with the CEO?  Sure, let me transfer you to his office.. it's the person sitting on the other side of me and they can't do anything more than I can do either... But they'll let you rant longer than I will.


          Most companies simply log it as complaint/user manual/features or something like that that doesn't make any sense and won't help anything anyway.


          But since you spent enough time writing all about your experience here, did you even bother to submit the information online as instructed?


          Probably not.



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            I must have missed the Nook Color advertisement where they said "You can use symbols in your password!"  Also that the person making $8/hour ringing up books will have the power to address all my technical problems and complaints!  


            As a computer programming professional, you surely can surmise that while the Nook can READ a variety of different formats, externally loaded books might not have the formatting requirements to have their cover art clicked and dragged to a front page specific only to this device.  As a person who simply uses a computer for email and whatnot, even I kind of assumed that the BN-designed homepage for my BN-manufactured device would be more inclined to support BN-formatted materials.  The fact that it will run external books at all is a nice benefit - if it doesn't appear on the home page, have embedded artwork, and the ability to have it read to me, is just because it was not designed by BN to be optimized for the Nook Color.


            How is this "not as advertised"?  

            • Mine works as advertised

              I had no problem setting up an account, I don't want to drag my sideloaded book's icon to the home page (so no issue for me there), and the one time I did deal with CS they were cordial, knowlegable, and solved my issue. My nook color works as advertised for me.


              Maybe you need some anger management courses, since you mention that you get angry so easily.  Just saying...


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                @ subs123,

                I have reported your concerns and experience.


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                  I purchased a Nook Color a little over two weeks ago.  Since then I have had the following
                  problems/inadequacies with it:


                  1. Technicians and supervisors who don't know the product.

                  Every time I call for assistance I am put on hold while
                  techs and/or supes who have to research how to answer my question(s). This
                  turns a basic question into a project and leads to 20-40 minute phone calls PER
                  QUESTION!  One supe actually deleted a
                  book I paid for when all I wanted was for the sample to disappear (the sample
                  is still there along with others that are cluttering up my device).

                  2. I cannot delete books or samples from my Nook Color.  There is a disconnect between what shows on
                  your computer online screen account and what shows on your device.  (While I can delete samples from my account
                  using my PC, this does not carry through to my Nook.).   There needs to be a way to delete directly
                  on the Nook and not be so dependent on online PC activity.  I shouldn't have to sign on to my online
                  account in order to delete a book or a sample. (The Kindle I used prior to the
                  Nook allows a user to delete a book or a sample directly from the device

                  3. I didn't find out until after I had the Nook that the
                  horizontal view only works on select functions which doesn't include most books
                  adults read!   Why is that?  (The PC app for Nook works with a horizontal
                  view.  It would be nice if there was some

                  4. The battery only works for about 5 hours.  This is a real downside to the device.  It requires you have your adaptor with you at
                  all times.

                  5. I pre-ordered a few books and found out that no matter
                  how long before the book is published you pay for it in advance.  I no longer pre-order books from Nook.  (Amazon doesn't charge for Kindle books until
                  the book has been delivered.  Most
                  retailers have this standard business practice.)

                  6. The Nook app for my Android has a page swipe that has the
                  look and feel of turning a paper book page (like the ipod).  The Nook Color does not.  Why not? 
                  (Again, a consistency issue.)

                  7. Downloading books. 
                  I have purchased three books so far. 
                  Only one downloaded as it should, i.e., without any assistance from tech
                  support.  This happened when I ordered a
                  sample (and later purchased the book) and when I ordered a pre-order (which
                  should have downloaded automatically upon publication but did not).  It took about 20 minutes each support call to
                  download the books.  This is a deal
                  killer for me.


                  I find the Nook to be too dependent on and controlled from
                  the online B&N website.  A user
                  should be able to control the content of their device from the device itself.


                  I also find these issues significant, especially the number
                  of tech calls required, the down time I have with them, and the problems with
                  downloading.  Enough so that I am going to return it.




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                    To the OP:


                    As a computer professional, I find your missive a little confusing.  Special characters in passwords are a relatively new phenomenon and haven't been supported in all systems.  I have to use passwords across a variety of systems and devices so I know to only use special characters on devices or systems that support them -- and not to assume any particular system will support them.


                    Not sure what you've been told but I have sideloaded books with icons and placed them on my home page.  However, you sometimes have to use something like Calibre to get the bookcover/icon to show up -- none of my books from Baen, purchased years ago for reading on my Palm Pilot, displayed their covers on the Nook Color until I loaded them into my Calibre library and used that to reload cover art then upload to my Nook Color.


                    To place the books on the home page, simply surf in the library, select the book and hold it down until your option menu pops up -- select "Add to Home" and  you're done.  I've done this with numerous sideloaded books and documents in EPUB, PDF, etc.