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    Hulu Plus problem on HD+

      I signed up for the Hulu Plus 1 week trial a couple days ago via the pre-loaded app on my HD+ and it was playing shows just fine until last night when it "stopped working" for no apparent reason. The ad plays, but then there's just a blank screen..the shows do not play. Sometimes it just sits there blank, and other times it simply shuts down and goes back to the profile screen with a message that says "Unfortunately, Hulu Plus has stopped." Last night it was saying "Unfortunately, the process Hulu Plus [or hulu.com maybe?] has stopped working."


      I've tried shutting the tablet down then restarting, logging out of Hulu Plus then back in, nothing works so far. Gonna cancel my Hulu account if nothing fixes it.


      Should I uninstall it? Would I be then able to reinstall it from B & N and for free? It came pre-loaded.


      Any help greatly appreciated :-(