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    Dolphin: how to import bookmarks???..please

      posted on Tablet Board too..hoping to get an answer..

      if that is against forum rules, please forgive me..and delete one of the threads..thanks


      please help me out! :smileyhappy:


      i need the steps on how to import bookmarks.

      i downloaded and tried out this browser..looked great but none of my "stock" bookmarks were showing up, as they had done in puffin.

      please advise, would love to use this browser since it has flash & i am not crazy about hopping from stock to puffin...


      thanks so much! :smileyhappy:

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          Hi I just added the dolphin browser also and am still learning about it.  I am attaching the link



          on this page is information on bookmarking.  I wish I could of been more helpful.  I have never bookmarked before and read through the bookmarking on the dolphin site and was concerned I may not relay the information accurately so here is the site.  I am hopiing this is helpful and not a route you have already taken.  Take Care


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              I only had the stock browser installed I just downloaded the web browser  today and as a part of the install process it walked me through importing my existing bookmarks!

              Mind you I also just installed B&N V1.4.2 why I'm hitting these boards hard because now I'm ready to add some APPS!


              Suggest that you DELETE (not ARCHIVE) the version you have. Download the one in B&N Market and Re-Install. Carefully go through the Install Screens and that Import question is the first one after you accept the license software agreement.  You then get their "Home" page for Features.


              The GOOD about this Application:

              I'm just starting to use it today but so far....This one is a Keeper! I'm just hoping it run on my phone. Seems to execute much faster also will know more after further usage!


              So far this app is running much faster and operates more like what you expect on a Touch Screen Device! "Murzma...thanks for the Link"  it is my next step after this post!