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    Critically low battery warning at 63% remaining charge

      My one year and 2 month old Nook Tablet has been randomly opening and closing apps, playing games, opening the browser, typing and searching, etc for a few months now.  Usually a reboot or soft reset will clear it up for a few days or even 10 days.  Lately, it's been happening more and more often and I noticed it starts when the battery gets below 70% and today it gave me a 'critically low power' warning when it had 63% showing.  It did not turn itself off, the warning went away after staring at it about a minute.  If I plug the NT in, it stops doing these things completely, which leads me to believe its a hardware/battery issue. 


      I've done the soft reset,, erase and de-register, the hard/factory reset.... nothing makes it stop doing this.  Guess I'll be taking it in to see if anything can be done or if I have to get a replacement.  Bought it at Best Buy.  Wish me luck finding the receipt... 

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          Even if it's not covered by warranty, you may be able to reload the firmware to recover the device.

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            Yes, this might be the case:


            which leads me to believe its a hardware/battery issue.



            We have a free 'Track Your Battery Life' App.


            Please download and install that and let me know if it's giving you the same reading of battery life as the Nook Battery Indicator.


            It seems there's some confusion between Battery and Nook Hardware OR between Nook Hardware and Nook software - regarding how much battery life is left.


            If our app gives you the same values as the Nook Battery Life indicator, let me know.


            Also please let me know if you can set alarms for 71% using our app and whether that goes off when the Nook Battery Life indicator is 71%. thanks.

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              I am having this exact same problem! My Tablet 16gb starts to go insane and have a mind of its own when the battery gets down to about 60%. I've been pretty confident it's really truly a battery issue (and not a dirty screen or some other issue) because the problem goes away as soon as I plug in the power cord. It is kinda amusing to watch even though its trying to make nonsense gestures in Dolphin browser or ruining my game scores. But its getting very annoying, especially as it seems to take less than 15 minutes for my battery to hit that low point. I'll have to check my extended warranty paperwork from BAM! but I've had it just over a year now so I'm not very confident. Any advice or input?
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                I was so glad to see this topic, but not to glad to see there is no solution :smileysad:.  I have been having the exact same problem. My Nook Tablet goes Crazy at about 63% battery life, on occassion it will go lower before it happens but either way it will go crazy at some point. If I have it plugged into the charger it will work fine.

                It is frustrating cause it is just over a year old, so only a couple month out of warranty.


                I have/had that battery monitoring app in my Nook and the battery life has always been equal to what the Nook says.


                Lareth, I don't think it is caused by charging while it is off because I have never charged my Nook while it was off.



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                  Has anyone considered a class action suit against BN for the faulty Nook Color HD+? It sound like many people are experiencing this same problem, as am I, with no resolution from BN. And it souind like the problem occurs most often of units that are just past the 1 year warranty period if you didn't purchase an extended warranty, as I did not :smileysad:


                  It is very hard to believe that BN does not know what is causing this, and in light of the number of bad units, it cannot provide a solution to the problem. This is my second Nook and while I loved the first, and also this one for the first year, I will most likely never buy another Nook. Pretty poor customer relations.

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                      Ignoring that this is the forum for the device with the name "Nook Tablet" and not the device named "Nook HD"...


                      I suspect there are many more who have no problems with battery state... My HD+ happily runs from full charge down to the 15% warning -- and beyond that; I drained it down to 5% warning playing Bejeweled 2 a few times (that is a power hog; it will drain a full charge in less than three hours).


                      My unit also shows minimal drain when put into manual sleep. Based on the battery usage graphs, it may be waking up to phone home once each night. I have disabled all Google apps (don't even have a Google account), turned off mail checks, don't do Facebook or Twitter, or any other application that needs WiFi connection (except the browser, which gets used to access these forums). I only notice one short "synch" notice after waking it up per session.


                      My unit is one of the first batch, having been pre-ordered before the release date and shipped to my home.