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    freezing up!!!

      I downloaded 2 games solitaire and bubble popper and during the games the nook freezes up>>>happens all the time...am so frustrated!!!! is this happening to anyone else???

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          My Nook Color freezes up about every 5 minutes with Angry Birds.  I have downloaded the update for Angry Birds and still freezes.  I have to complete re-boot for it to recognize Angry Birds and it makes me one angry bird.

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            I have the same problem!!  Does anyone out there have a solution?  I have downloaded the update for Angry Birds, but whenever I play it freezes.  I will reboot to get it unfrozen, but five minutes later it happens again.

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              Do you have a lot of apps and books on your Nookcolor?   I have a about 300 books some music and 8 apps, so far no Angry birds plays flawlessly.  However the library takes about 30-45 sec to load, and I think books loading take a few seconds longer.  Plus when first browsing on the web, after initial startup depending on the web page there can be some long pauses.  But I now know to just wait don't panic and the page will load, after 1 or 2 of these, browsing is totally smooth.  It could have something to do with swapping out of active memory whatever was in there prior to the browser loading,  it reminds me of my laptop which came with only 1/2 gig of memory, constant pauses to launch programs and frequent long pauses when browsing the web.  However as soon as I increased the memory from 1/2 gig to 2.5 gig, all that changed and everything is smooth, seamless and a lot faster loading now.

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                I might be able to help you. My NC froze up and I couldn't so anything with it. It wouldn't turn on or off and the screen was black.  After a few days, with no change in it, I took it into B & N and when the Nook person couldn't do anything either, she called customer service.  They had us re-register the device (talked us through it) and it has worked perfectly for the last week. One plus is that after re-registering it I can see my Angry Birds icon.  It had gone gray right after the update.


                 I didn't lose my library or apps but had to re-download some of them. Just tapped the icons and they came back.  Warning: You will lose your progress in Angry Birds. and probably any other games you are playing.


                 So far so good and I hope this might help all of you who are experiencing the freezes.  Wish the re-registering would have made me better at playing Angry Birds!

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                  Nope, you are not alone:smileysad: