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    Nook Friends Beta Lend Me Issues

      When will they fix this app?


      I can send invites, but nothing happens on my end.


      Nook friends aren't showing on the "friends" tab. The "LendMe" tab shows the books I can lend and the "Borrow" tab shows books to borrow, but thats it can't do anything else with it.


      Also, I show no requests, yet friends have sent them.


      Whats up, I understand it is in Beta version, but all other beta version programs I have used in the past worked with minimal issues/glitches. This app just seems to be very raw.



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          I had similar issues but resolved it..  On your nook friends app select the + sign and then use your friends B&N account email address.  I think the manual says you can use any email address, but this never worked for me or my friends.  Requests went through and my friends show in app now.

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            Same thing is going on with my Nook Color too. I add friends and send requests, but no one shows in my friends list. This is sad that they can't get this to work better. Of all the marketing they do, they should put some time and money into the developers to make this run better to give users what they've been promised! I'm very frustrated with this gap in functionality!