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    Apps-Need more for Adults

      Why can't there be more apps for Adults? How about Bookworm or some of the standards?

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          Contrary to popular belief, BN doesn't make the apps.


          If you want "adult" (bow chicka bow wow) apps contact the developers of those apps and tell them that you'd love to get their stuff ported over.

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            This is a service, similar to HBO to go, connected to your cable TV subscription, using your DVR. It is not a general watch free TV anywhere service. If you have cable vision as a provider. Other cable providers have similar services, Cox has one for sure, if you do not have cable TV this is not an available service.
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                This doesn't use my DVR. I get this on my laptop for FREE. Would like to get it on my NOOK.

                HBO to go is also FREE for me since I already pay for it on OPTIMUM. There is no free application on the NOOK to allow me to view either of these products as there is through a laptop or IPAD and perhaps through another ANDROID I think. I know for a fact that the KINDLE does have the application for Optimum TV for free as long as you pay for a home subscription. NOOK does not.

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                Maybe 5ievdom can come to our rescue and provide Apps for adults.  They have provided some outstanding Apps already and they are GREAT when contacted.  I know that they frequent this Discussion Group.  How about it 5ievdom--anything in the works---John2012

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                  I echo the words of john2012.  Could you create some good apps for us, the members of the "non-Julie" club?  I have purchased a couple of your apps and they are very good.  Will I be able to use them on my Nook HD?  



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                      John, Lector, thanks for the kind words.


                      We have a few apps in the works but not sure when they will be done.


                      Nook HD and HD+.


                      Solitaire Magic, Word Games Pack, Wallpaper Helper will work.

                      Notepad we're working on the HD and HD+ version right now.


                      What other apps did you get? Some of them we won't be doing HD versions of. They might still work but would not be optimized for the HD.