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    sound issues

      I've had my nook for less than 24hrs and it no longer plays sound. I called tech support and they told me to exchange it. . But now I been reading the message boards and it seems to be a common problem. Now I am not sure if I should just get my money back. My question is for those who've had the nook color for a while, have you had any sound issues?

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          I have had my NC for 3 weeks.  No sound issues at all. 

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            I'm on Nook Color #3 in just as many days with the same sound problem - no sound after device going to sleep, must shut down to restore sound.  This last one is working fine.  Third times a charm.  Exchange it.

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              Had mine for 3 weeks now. No sound issues so far.

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                Yes, I am seeing the same problem. I just got this one in exchange for a 1 day old unit that had touchscreen issues. Now I guess I need to exchange this one. I was hoping for a firmware fix, but B&N isn't acknowledging an issue, so I have to treat it as faulty hdwr. I will have a checklist for this exchange & check out the replacement before I leave the store! It's a 60 mile round trip drive & I have been there 4 times in 2 days. On line customer support was a total joke, so I don't really want to go through them.




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                  Just got one Friday and got the sound issue.  Customer Service tech suggested factor reset which did not fix.  Will exchange tomorrrow.


                  B&N please address this issue! Recall the defective batch!

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                    Less than 24 hrs after opening my Nook, I had the same sound issues.  At first the tutorial  video audio was very faint, even with sound bar cranked to high.  Then no sound at all.  Read the reviews in here and tried the HARD RESET option.  That worked.  Even the ear phones now work.  My question:  Will B&N alert owners of a HARDWARE or SOFTWARE FIX for this problem?  If so, how?  Do we continue to use the HARD RESET ever time we power up a NOOK just to get sound?


                    Thanks for the discussion board.....

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                      How do you hard reset? I can't hear mine either.

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                        I bought two NCs the other day one of them had the lost audio problem the other did not.  Exchanged the bad one today and thought I was good but it ended up haveing the same prolem.  Looking at the serial numbers the two bad ones had 2005 as the first four digits and the good unit starts with 2004.  Could those with and without problems check your serials? Just curious if that is coincidental or if it can be used to pick a good unit. 

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                          No audio problems as of yet.


                          s/n 2004760159732xxx

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                            I have a 2004 with the sound problem. I don't use sound much. Still going to chk with B&N CS about a fix. Hope an update takes care of it. Not looking fwd tosetting up a new one. Downloading/sideloading all my books n files would suck outloud
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                              yeah serial number was definitely a straw grasp. As far as when it loses audio, both of mine basically never had sound after waking up. No testing to see if anything else triggered the issue. I will exchange one more time, if new one has the same issue I'll try the factory rest. The current unit has a couple dead pixels as well so.... This is why I hardly every buy anything in the first months of release.
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                                I'm having the same sound issues and my serial number starts with 2004.....

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                                  I've had my replacement NC for almost a week now and no sound problems so far. The SN of the new unit begins with 2005. I recommend replacing any unit with sound problems until you get one that works ALL the time. Don't take any gobbledy-goob from BN about future fixes - just get a new one.

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                                    Looks like the third unit was a charm for me. Had it a couples days now with no issues, so, yay.
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