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        No audio problems I am aware of.  S/N begins with 2004.  However, I have noticed that when the NC goes to sleep music continues to play even with black screen;  I suspect that this may be intentional because music continues even when you move to another app like it can continue when you are reading as well.


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          I am having sound issues as well. Just bought mine Two weeks ago. It worked for the video, stopped after that. I also bought ear phones to try to see if they  would work.  No. I also can't seem to load Pandora. The loading circle just keeps spinning...spinning.

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            I've had 2 so far and both had/have sound problems. The first one started with a 2004 and the one I have now starts with a 2005. Interesting thought.

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              I just got off the phone with Barnes and Noble customer service after a long, 1hr and 45 minute wait. The customer support woman told me - and she checked with a senior engineer there - that ALL nook colors have this sound issue and that if I return my unit I will have the same exact issue. So I am not sure what to do. She said that a future software update is in the works that MAY fix it.


              If that is the case - that they all have this issue like the rep said, aren't they treading on class action lawsuit territory or something? Shouldn't they make SOME kind of announcement?


              On another note, this is my SIXTH NookColor. The first one had a dead pixel, the second one had the sound issue, the third and fourth ones had screen flicker issue, the fifth in store one had the screen flicker issue (look that one up - dim brightness will have some screens flickering when there is a grey background - especially noticable on the quick menu screen) - and now my 6th one has the sound issue again.


              What do you think I should do? I am afraid if I go back to the store I will get one with a screen flickering problem, which is far worse than the sound issue - I am willing to wait for a software fix for this, but I would like if SOMEONE from B&N would respond to confirm if this is the case or not??

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                Considering the number of comments here and on various Android-Nook forums, the sleep-to-sound failure problem is very common and consistent.


                It has not been fixed with the 1.0.1 software patch.


                My serial ends with 200A.



                I wish that B&N would admit the problem and issue a recall; but perhaps they don't even know which batches are affected, or are still determining if a software patch can fix it.


                Meanwhile, they would save a lot of customer frustration and their own time if they had an online or email exchange initiation process. Many of us are a long way from a B&N store ... 'cuz they have been closing quite a few of them!

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                  I have had my Nook Color a little over 4 weeks and have had no problems with my sound or anything else.  My serial number starts with 2004.

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                    Took my NookColor back today for an exchange. The sales person said that they had heard about the sound issue and it was a bad batch. After confirming that I didn't have any sound, by trying to listen to a book, he gave me a new one, deactivated the old one, helped me register the new one, and checked the sound. So far so good, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Ialso bought the anti-glare protective sheets while I was there. They are well worth the money. Now I'm just waiting on my cover to arrive in the mail.
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                      Count me in as having the sound glitch. I'm a little frustrated, I'm on my 5th Nook color! 


                      The tally for me so far:


                      #1 had bubbles under the screen that were pretty big

                      #2 the bezel was separated on the bottom and you could see the LCD screen through it, I also had flickering, and weird yellow banding on the display.

                      #3 Bezel was separating on the left and there was dust under the glass

                      #4 Had a brown finger print under the glass (you could see the swirls and everything)

                      #5 The sound vanishes when it goes to sleep and it flickers


                      I tried calling tech support and all they would tell me is that they are working on a fix and to just do a soft or hard reset. I've had this nook less then a day! So far Barnes and Noble brick and mortar has been fantastic but they are a hour drive round trip and I've done it 3 times so far.

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                        Oh and for the record my serial starts with #2010

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                          I still think the issue boils down to a rare race condition in the software on certain devices. It seems  that this condition is out of the end user's hands, though, since nothing you try to do to reset it doesn't work.


                          My first device was a 200490* and my second device is a 200490*. The first was no sound, the second seems fine with no sound problems or flickering issues that I can see.


                          What I expect to see from B&N, though, is a public admittance of a problem "We have identified a problem that happens in rae cases where the sound will not work after the device goes to sleep" and either admittance that the problem has not been narrowed down, or a solution "We have not yet identified the problem but are looking into it" or "The solution for this problem is to update your firmware/replace our hardware/etc".


                          The fact that B&N hasn't even commented on this issue is just sad. We don't even know if they have recognized a problem exists or that they are looking into fxing it in any way. And who is to say my new device doesn't hit this race condition sometime and now I don't have sound again?


                          PLEASE B&N, let us know you hear us. Don't make me regret buying what is an otherwise incredible device.


                          On a side note, I'd love to see someone who is havintg this problem who is feeling a bit more adventurous than me root their device and see if the problem persists. There is even a custom 2.2 firmware for the Nook Color that would be interesting to see if it fixes the problem.

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                            Just to chime in as I too had the sound issue.  For the person who asked about rooting, the problem persists under Android 2.1 and Android Froyo 2.2 so it's not an OS issue per se. 


                            I was able to exchange mine last night without any problem at the store but I had my receipt and it had only been a week since I'd purchased the device.  I did test the new in the store using Pandora to make sure it was working at the time.  I rooted it with 2.1 and it still works and I used 2.2 booted off a SD card and it still works. 


                            I don't think it's strictly a hardware issue although it has to be at least in part since the Nooks all have identical firmware and OS's.  Since a hard boot will 'wake up' the sound circuitry it's possible that something could be modified to force it to wake up properly on an unlock. 


                            My store was a little cagey about admitting if there were any problems, fairly evasive on if they'd seen any such problems before. But they were happy to let me swap it out and then test the new one in front of them.  YMMV.

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                              The one I exchanged previously was 3 days old and they still refused to exchange just based on the sound issue.

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                                Mama_Mayhem wrote:

                                The one I exchanged previously was 3 days old and they still refused to exchange just based on the sound issue.


                                Is there another B&N store near you?  If so, I'd take the refund and re-purchase the NC at the other store.  


                                I don't understand their logic, though...they'll give you a refund before they will do an exchange?  How does that make sense?




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                                  The recently release firmware upgrade v1.1 has fixed my sound issue.

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                                    What bothers me is B&N continues to sell the device with the known audio problem. That is irresponsible!  I'm still waiting for THE audio fix after 5 weeks of calling CS.  Certainly they've known about it longer, so it must be a pretty lame technical team working it to not have a fix by now.

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