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    Photography Book Manuscripts Not Loading

      Hey everyone! I don't know if anyone else has addressed this issue but if not then this is my journey to figure out how to upload photobooks. I had an old series I uploaded on PubIt and recently got inspired to do a new photobook. So here's the details on what I've tried and what's been happening with attempting to get this book published. On pubit I used DOC files and it worked fine. It might show an error but upon reloading the project everything would be loaded and working great. No problems. Using the same technique on Nook Press results in an error saying the file is too big (larger then 20mb). This isn't true since I keep my photobooks 15mb-17mb in size since that's the happy medium for maintaining quality and size in my opinion. This was the first thing I tried. Next I tried converting it to Epub. When I do this I get the message in my Nook Press inbox saying that it was successfully loaded. However it never is actually loaded as far as I can tell even if you exit and reopen the project. Anyway, as I said I don't know if anyone else has a solution but here's what I've tried and will try later. Tried: Running it through Epubcheck. It returned no errors. It didn't load. Checked all the metadata. All of it matched. It didn't load. Changed the epub file name to only letter. No symbols, numbers, etc. It didn't load. What I'll try next: Shortening the epub file name. Creating test files of different sizes to see if there is an unwritten limit. Reloading it as an Html (don't even know if I can do this with a photobook). So if anyone has a solution to this problem it would save me a ton of time. If not I'll work and find a solution and tell you all about it here to hopefully save other interested parties some time. :smileywink:
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          Hey I'm back a day later with the solution!


          So if you want to publish a book with only photos or pictures here is how you do it (or at least the way I got it to work)


          1. Create a new project and download your manuscript in ePUB format.

          2. After this is done it will look like nothing happened.

          3. Click the "start writing!" text below the "upload manuscript" button.

          4. You'll notice that your manuscript has actually loaded but you can't use it.

          5. Write at least one line of text at the very beginning of your manuscript using the Nook Press manuscript editor.

          6. Save and preview to make sure it looks like how you want it to be.

          7. When you exit it will ask you if you want to use the original file or the updated one. Select updated manuscript.

          8. Fill out the rest of the publishing form and publish.


          So there you go for those who are curious. If anyone has questions or is having trouble let me know and I'll try to help you figure it out.